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Pyramid Tatva

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Bronzite Bead Bracelet (ptb-78)

Bronzite Bead Bracelet (ptb-78)

INR 599 / Piece(s) ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 1 Piece(s)

Bronzite is an iron-bearing variety of Instate from Austria. It has green-brown color with bronze-like sub-metallic luster. It was known long before Enstatite. Bronzite is effective against curses, is a magical protector and turns back negative thoughts and ill-wishing. However it returns, the ill-wishing, cures or spells back to the source considerably magnified, perpetuating the problem as it bounces backward and forward, becoming stronger each time and it makes the ill wisher feel extremely ill while the recipient remains protected but aware of the energetic disturbance.

It is more effective to use bronzite in combination with black tourmaline, as this absorbs the ill wishing, immediately stopping the interaction and taking attention away from the source Bronzite is helpful for helping with certainty and with taking control of our actions.

Bronzite is useful for supporting and balancing masculine yang energy with  in the body of the psyche. Bronzite is helpful for chronic exhaustion, the assimilation of iron, cramps and nerves. Bronzite is used in crystal healing for ailments related to the solar plexus chakra, assimilation of iron, lessening muscular tension, dispelling restlessness caused by emotional and psycho-physical ailments.


This listing is for 1 Bronzite Bead Bracelet

  • Color : Brown
  • Bead Size : 8 mm
  • Brand : Pyramid tatva
  • Chakra : All Chakras
  • Zodiac Sign : Leo

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