Pyramid Tatva

Pyramid Tatva

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tiger Eye With Rainbow Moonstone Bead Bracelet (ptb-506)

Tiger Eye With Rainbow Moonstone Bead Bracelet (ptb-506)

INR 500 / Piece(s) ( Approx )

Tiger eye with a mix of yellow and golden brown aura has ability to magnify and focus energy of intention. Clubbed with the power of stone this is a very effective tool for manifestation of desires specially when stated clearly 
Tiger eye is also known to be a combination of earth and sun energy wherein it helps in drawing spiritual energy to earth and transmuting them to the lower chakras. It helps in balancing and harmonizing along with being stable and focused. It is also known to be a protection stone for travelers and also attracts energy to aid in rise of kundalini Shakti.


Also called as white Labradorite, moonstones are partially translucent and reflect rainbow colors. When working in correspondence to the Third (Aagya) Chakra it provides peaceful energy for meditation and developing varied psychic abilities. It also opens and activates the Crown (Sahastra) Chakra and allows connection to the higher self, leading to spiritual awareness and wisdom. It helps in enhancing emotional stability and vision thus improving creativity and expression. Moonstone is also known to be a very effective aid in balancing emotions and stabilizing them.

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