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Rubber Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine Xlb-2700*5600 / 4500 Ton

Rubber Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine Xlb-2700*5600 / 4500 Ton

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Summary : XLB - Q1200 x1200x 2 plate vulcanizing press production line is mainly used in the flat rubber vulcanization fabric conveyor belt.


Structure :

  • Upper and lower platform is Q235A steel plate welded integral structure, braised fire processing to eliminate the welding stress after welding, and machining (welding for CO2 gas shielded welding, Japan alloy wire welding).Used in the process of sulfide to cool naturally.
  • Hot plate:
    Adopted WuGang production double length of the whole rolling plate after normalizing treatment of 45 # steel plate production, double-sided processing, the thickness of the surface roughness of 1.6 90 mm, each piece of hot plate is divided into 5 heating area (not including the cooling side), each heating zone, the steam outlet has a temperature measuring point (except after cooling side), a total of 10 hot plate temperature measuring points up and down. By a temperature inspection instrument for temperature checking, and temperature overrun alarm function. Connecting the hot plate with the pad machine: the stud connection of hot plate and platform of crane. Show only the hot plate temperature control temperature. Hot plate heating using manual control. Hot plate test pressure of 12.5 kg/cm2, no leakage.
  • Box board : Frame plate adopts the hirer Q235A steel rolling, for welding frame plate structure, mechanical shot blasting untirusting, spraying zinc rich paint series.
  • Mechanical balance lifting gear : The next platform by adding a throughout all the ends of the equipment of mechanical balance
    lifting gear, in each cylinder oil with the cooperation of uniform, ensure the hot plate lifting balance, to overcome due to the hot plate tilt lifting products uneven thickness of undervoltage phenomenon, to ensure the quality of the products.
  • New heat insulation materials : Pressure or 400 kg/cm2, the corrosion resistance thermal conductivity is 0.18 Kcal/m °C 220 °C to 250 °C of heat-resistant, a new kind of heat insulating material thickness is 24 mm, to solve the problem of local compression deformation using rubber asbestos board.
  • Hydraulic system : Hydraulic system to achieve working liquid pressure, pressure for 1 hour, the hydraulic system of hydraulic system pressure drop is less than 10% and no blockage, leakage phenomenon; When
    pressure drop exceeds 10% of the working pressure, automatic hydraulic system pressure filling, until to pressure of work. The system has the safety pressure limiting device. Each hydraulic cylinder inlet configuration of a globe valve. All parts adopting famous brand of China.
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Hydraulic cylinder adopts ZG270-500 material, plunger using dense texture of chilled alloy cast iron, cast after fine grinding; Hydraulic cylinder for YX type sealing ring seal form, is made of rubber.
  • Sulfide host appliances : Sulfide with automatic control and manual control two control mode; Automatic mode can realize automatic clamping, exhaust, curing time, filling pressure, curing the alarm and automatically open mold, and other functions. Auxiliary components of the in-situ with remote two sets of control button, convenient operation.
  • Plate vulcanizing machine at the major pieces of design and manufacturing in line with the requirements of HG/T3034-1999 standard.
  • Clamping guide : Next pads on both sides of the clamping guide device, frame plate and platform installation guide, cant guide seat processing, can be adjusted via the top slope distance.

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