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Our product range comtains a wide range of Coral Screwgate, Roto Charger, Sleeping Bag, Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife and Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit

Coral Screwgate

  • Material Aluminum Alloy
  • Length 8 cms

An attractive, shiny, metal accessory biner perfect for attaching climbing shoes, attaching water bottles, attaching guy lines to a Tarp-Poncho, hanging a lantern in your tent and very handy for keeping keys together or keys to your pack. Note : These clips are not load bearing and are NOT, we repeat NOT suitable for climbing or caving. Features: - Optimum utility in carrying low weight belongings - Lightweight - Matt finish

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Roto Charger

Charge your phone anywhere, anytime! Introducing the world's first truly sustainable hand powered mobile phone charger.   Helps you tap power from your own self by the means of either cranking (wind-up mode) or rolling (roll-on mode) the device anytime you need to top up charge on your phone to survive it the next hour or make that last call.   Features: - Ability to charge the cell phone anywhere and anytime. - Charge by simply rotating a handle on the charger. - 1 min of rotating the handle gives about 3 min of talk time and about 30 min of stand-by time. - Charge even while talking by the single hand Roll-on mode. - Affordable solution. - Environment friendly energy solution. - Safe to use for the cell phone batteries. In fact, the lower charging currents can lead to a better battery life. - Multi-brand charger with small adaptor tips in convenient plug-in pad for storage. *Not Compatible with iphones

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Sleeping Bag

  • Fabric Outer:Pertex Quantum (100% nylon 30D, 49g/m²)
  • Insulation 650 FP European Duck DownRab fluorocarbon free hydrophobic down
  • Weight 1,270g
  • Pocket Internal YKK® 3 coil zipped stash pocket
  • Zip ¾ length YKK 5 coil main zip with noctilucent puller
  • Water Resistant Yes
  • Pack Size 24 x 42cm/9.4 x 16.5in
  • Max User Height 185cm/72.8in(Standard)
  • Shoulder Width 75cm/29.5in
  • Comfort -2°C
  • Rab Sleep Limit -12°C
  • Temperature Range -2°C to -27°C

The Ascent 700 is a hard-wearing high performing sleeping bag you can depend on for comfort and protection over three seasons. Ideal for general purpose outdoor use, from bothy to bivvy, the Ascent range equips you for regular mountain adventures. Durable, tough, and reliably warm, the Ascent is especially suitable for those wanting to invest in their first down sleeping bag. Offering excellent value for the feature set, which is similar to that of the more technical Rab bags, this hard working piece provides protection and comfort on the hill, trail, or peak.   Using a highly durable Pertex® Quantum outer fabric, the Ascent 700 sleeping bag is filled with 700g of 650FP ethically sourced European Duck Down. The generous wide mummy fit and wide foot box provide extended comfort and a spacious feel that is still secure and warm. The close fitting neck baffle design, internal collar and hood drawcord provide additional protection to keep you cosy when temperatures drop. Featuring a three-quarter length YKK main zip with glow in the dark puller, a plush bonded zip guard also excludes draughts.   Practicalities are taken care of with an internal zipped stash pocket stuff pocket that easily fits phone and other essentials. The Ascent 700 comes with cotton storage sack and compression stuff sack to ensure a manageable packsize and protection on the road. As with all Rab down insulated bags, it is hand filled in Derbyshire using Hydrophobic Down developed in conjunction with Nikwax®.  Features: - Hip Width: 65cm/25.5in - Foot Width: 50cm/19.5in - Proportionally assigned differential cut - Wide foot area for extended comfort - Anti-snag bonded zip guard - Left and right hand zips available - Internal collar and hood drawcord - Close fitting neck baffle design - Trapezoidal baffle chamber design - Angled foot box - Compression stuff sack - Cotton storage sack    

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Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife

  • Blade Length 3.25” (8.3 cm)
  • Overall Length 7.75” (19.7 cm)
  • Weight 5.75 oz (163g)
  • Steel Type 5Cr15MoV
  • Handle Material Paracord

If you’re going to pack an item into the backcountry, it becomes even more valuable when it serves multiple purposes. By combining Gerber’s decades of experience crafting tools and Bear Grylls’s survival knowledge, the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade is that item. You get the functionality of a field-proven, full tang fixed blade knife plus the added versatility of nearly 4 feet of paracord. And it weighs in under 6 ounces, that’s less than most smartphones—not bad for a 7.75-inch long knife. Balanced Minimalism The minimalist, balanced feel of the Paracord Fixed Blade is well-suited to extended backcountry travel where every ounce counts. The 4-inch handle performs equally well with or without the paracord, and it offers a full grip for all hand sizes and plenty of power for driving the blade to shape wood or work on small game. A deep choil that sits between your hand and the blade allows you to safely apply added pressure when driving the blade, and a textured thumb rest on the spine adds control. The 45 inches of paracord on the handle could fashion an emergency splint or repair a blown snowshoe binding. Until then, the cord serves as a lightweight grip on an incredibly capable knife. You can even customize the wrap to suit your grip preference. Multitasking Sheath The lightweight, slim design of the sheath is in keeping with the thin profile and minimalist style of the knife, a real plus when you’re traveling light and don’t want bulky items hanging from your belt or pack. You can customize the sheath to meet your access preference, too: tip up, tip down or to the side. It attaches easily to a pack, or remove the belt clip for the ultimate in minimalist packing. Features: - Full tang construction ensures durability. - Fine edge blade is easy to sharpen and does it all. - 45 inches (114.3 cm) of paracord make up the handle padding and can be removed to tackle other needs. - Lightweight sheath is reversible and the belt loop can be removed or used to strap it to your pack. - Slim profile extends from tip to butt. - Lightweight design for minimalist travel. - Comes with a copy of Bear Grylls “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide for easy reference.  

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit

A survival kit built for hostile environments. Stick the Ultimate Kit in your backpack and hope your never have to use it. If you do, it has everything you need to survive in even the toughest spots. Disclosure: The blister packaging is somewhat cracked. However, the product still remains intact in brand new condition. Functionality of the product will not be affected due to this. Features: - 16 Piece Kit. - Waterproof Bag. - Miniature Light. - Hand Saw. - Signaling Mirror. - Survival Blanket. - Fire Starter. - Waterproof matches. - Cotton Ball - Fire Tinder. - Snare Wire. - Emergency Cord. - Waxed Thread. - Fishing Kit. - Sewing kit. - Lanyard Whistle. - Lightweight, ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper. - Land to air rescue instructions. - Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials. Specification: Gerber® Miniature Multi-tool: a. Needle Nose Pliers b. Wire Cutters c. Fine Edge Knife d. Serrated Knife e. Phillips Screwdriver f. Small Flat Driver g. Medium Flat Driver h. Lanyard Ring i. Bottle Opener j. Tweezers

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Myth Blood Tracker

  • LED Output 33 lumens, 5.5 hours
  • Overall Length 7" (17.78 cm)
  • Weight 7.2 oz. (204 g)
  • Material Rubber over mold

The perfect shot is hard to make, so the need to track your game once it’s been hit is a reality for most hunters. The telltale sign is blood on the ground but, given dawn or dusk lighting, tracking blood on the ground is easier said than done. That’s why Gerber worked with hunters and engineers to develop the Myth Blood Tracking Light. This small, powerful LED flashlight enhances the color red in low-light situations to simplify tracking your downed animal. Optimized Spectrum for Fresh Blood Similar to the way a black or UVA light makes the color white pop, this light’s spectrum is optimized to make fresh blood pop like neon in an environment where there is little naturally occurring red color. The new LED color spectrum is an upgrade from the version used in the original Game Tracker. It’s optimized to highlight blood that’s up to an hour old, and offers enhanced visibility in a broader range of lighting conditions. Efficient Two-Button Operation The light offers efficient two-button operation. A single tail button turns the light on, and it’s ready to track. A second, side-mounted button changes the spectrum cast to gray out the field and further enhance the contrast of the blood when you toggle back to primary mode, perfect to help you determine whether you’re still on the blood trail. Comfortable Rubber Housing Gerber understands hunting gear is subject to harsh conditions and rough use. The blood tracking light’s rubber outer shell is as durable and lightweight as it is comfortable to handle. It’s big enough to provide solid grip and small enough to fit in a pant cargo pocket or jacket hand pocket.   Features: - LED light spectrum optimized for blood identification in low-light, low-contrast situations - Light operates on 4 AA batteries (included) - LED offers 5.5 hours of continuous runtime - IPX4 rated; splashing water from any angle will have no harmful effect - Two-button operation offers switchable lighting to quickly enhance contrast of blood trail - LED designed specifically to accurately highlight blood - Lanyard hole on tail end    

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Tent Repair Kit

Tent Repair Kit that includes a patch of PU-coated polyester flysheet, breathable polyester bedroom and polyethylene ground sheet; a seam sealant tube and a small brush for application. One can easily store all of the above comes in a compact pouch made from rip stop nylon. Features: - 1 patch of Polyethylene ground sheet 15cmx15cm (approx) - 1 patch of PU-coated polyester flysheet Green 15cmx15cm (approx) - 1 patch of PU-coated polyester flysheet Grey 15cmx15cm (approx) - 1 patch of breathable polyester bedroom 15cmx15cm (approx) - 1 seam sealant tube - 1 small brush for application - 1 pouch to store all of the above, made from ripstop nylon

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ABS Trouser Clips With Reflector

  • Material Plastic

Trouser Clips prevent the bottom of your trousers from becoming caught in the chain or crank, and from being covered in oil and dirt. Features: - 3M “Scotchlite” reflective  

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MDX Rapid Roll System KIt

An environmentally friendly alternative to Tear-Offs - just pull the string and fresh film covers the lens while used film goes in the storage canister. The easy loading system offers an optically superior system that provides a clearer view than tear-offs. Fits Dragon MDX Goggles. Features: - 2 Canisters - 1 Clear MDX A/F lens - 2 Film rolls - 1 Mud visor Care Instructions - The goggle lenses are treated with a specially formulated anti-fog treatment. When cleaning the inside of the lens, take special care to avoid scratching. Use the provided goggle bag or a soft cotton cloth to gently blot & dab excess moisture. Rubbing the lens may scratch the lens and impair anti-fog treatment.

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Mini Handlebar Bag

  • Composition Outer Fabric: 1200D x 1200D with PVC coating
  • Composition Inner Lining: 150D x 150D  with PU coating
  • Total Volume: 2 litre
  • Weight: 0.35 kg
  • Mounting System: Simple but effective three point mounting system to secure the bag

CYCLISTE HANDLEBAR BAG MINI is a good option for cyclists who want to carry belongings or equipment, that is small in size. Features: - Main pocket with wide opening - Easy to pack and easy to access your stuff - 2 bottle pocket on the sides – can accommodate 500ml bottles - PP backbone to maintain the shape even when empty - Comes with a raincover for added protection against the elements - 3M TM ScotchliteTM 8906 reflective tape for improved visibility in low light conditions - YKK TM sliders and YKK TM zipper chain - Fittings from an ISO 9001 certified vendor

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water bladder

  • Material TPU
  • Weight 0.3 kg
  • Capacity 2L

Top quality water bladder with antibacterial treatment. The "OMEGA" valve provides spacious access to the interior which enables us to clean it easily.

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Lobo Hydration Pack

  • Hydration Capacity 100 oz / 3 L
  • Total Capacity 200 cu in / 3.28L + 3L Reservoir
  • Dimensions 18.5 x 8 x 5 in / 47 x 20.5 x 12.5 cm
  • Back Panel XV
  • Harness Ultra-light 3D Mesh
  • Belt Removable 20mm / .75" stability
  • Fabric 70D Diamond Clarus & 420 Nylon with DWR + 1000 mm PU
  • Total Weight 1.4 lbs / 635 g
  • Torso Length 16 in / 41 cm

The sleek hydration pack for 3+ hours of mountain biking with essential gear. Features: - ANTIDOTE® RESERVOIR FEATURES: - Quick Link™ System - 1/4 turn - easy open/close cap - Lightweight fillport, dryer arms - Center baffling and low-profile design - Patented Big Bite™ Valve - HydroGuard™ technology - PureFlow™ tube, easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening - KEY PACK FEATURES: External fill, bike tool organizer pocket, dual compression straps, stretch overflow storage - DESIGNED TO CARRY: Multi-tool, pump, spare tube, energy bar, MP3, phone, wallet, keys 

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Trailproof Duffel

  • Waterproof Rating IPX6
  • Materials 500D reinforced vinyl
  • Volume 4272 cu in / 70 litres
  • Perfect For Rafting, travel, base camp, sailing and expedition use

Features: - These are tough and simple drybags which allow you to pack and go, wherever you need to go - They are made from tough 500D vinyl to withstand all the knocks that you experience on the trail - It is really simple to seal these duffels, just roll the top down 3 times. We have also added a Velcro® strip to make it even easier! - Four compression straps help to make a great waterproof seal - We have added simple integral carry handles - The bright colour means you can easily spot your gear amongst everyone else’s, and it reduces how hot they’ll get if left out in the sun.    

    H W D gm
    90L 37cm 82cm 34cm 1305g
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Explorer Anti UV Cap

  • Construction Adjustable tape and secure clip at the back
  • Material Quick Dry Nylon
  • Size 58 to 61cms (adjustable)
  • Precaution Keep away from fire
  • Care Instructions Normal machine wash in cold / cool water.Do not bleach, iron, tumble dry or dry clean

The Explorer Anti UV cap is Crafted from a quick-drying nylon poplin material with a lovely texture. This performance cap is the ultimate in cooling and provides protection against sun. It has a UPF 50 sun protection on the front, top, and back flap. Soft, lightweight, and comfortable, peak cap features a wicking, breathable sweatband and a stowable back neck flap. The back flap can be easily unbuttoned to convert it into a regular peak cap.

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Binoculars and Head Light Sports Kit

  • Type 12x25
  • Magnification 12x
  • Lens 25mm
  • Weight 260g

The main feature of the Dorr Sports Kit is the pair of original Danubia 12x25 Binoculars which have multi coated lens elements and prism making sure your viewing experience is excellent, even in poor conditions. The Danubia 20 10x25 Binoculars are ultra compact, double hinged to allow easy folding and they are of high quality construction making them solid and durable. The binoculars eyepieces are also retractable making them ideal for users who wear glasses. The Dorr Sports Kit comes complete with a LED headset light and Pedometer. The LED touch has 8 LED's which providesbright light and can also be reduced to 4 or 2 lights if needed. The head strap is adjustable and the pedometer can count up to 99, 999 steps, displays distance travelled, calories burned, auto switch off after 60 seconds, a mode set/reset switch & measures just 45 x 45 x 25mm.

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Range and Speed Finder

The Danubia RFS-700 Laser Rangefinder and Speedfinder is a compact 7X monocular, has an inbuilt laser rangefinder which makes taking accurate measurements really simple. It can be used for professional surveying use, sporting use or when out wildlife spotting. Excellent accuracy within 1m for up to 600m, there are two automatic methods of determining the distance to ensure this accuracy, standard & scan; the measurement being made within 0.3 sec. The difference between this RFS—700 Danubia laser rangefinder and the Danubia RF—600 is the ability to measure the speed of approaching subjects. It is powered by a single lithium battery, with very low power consumption and the readout is really easy to view. It is possible to choose between imperial or metric display and the whole unit can be used down to a temperature of -10 degrees, The difference between this and the RF—600 is the ability of the unit to measure the speed of approaching subjects. The lens elements are all fully coated too, allowing for clearer & more contrasts viewing with lessened flare when looking towards bright objects of for contre—jour viewing. Features: - Compact 7x Monocular. - Built—in Laser Rangefinder. - Provides great accuracy and precision. - Includes Wrist Strap & Carrying Case

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Bicycle Holder for Torches

This Dorr Torch Holder is for the DORR Zoom LED Torch OR any other similar torch, to be attached to bicycles. It is perfect to hold torches for night use on your bicycle. Features: - Strong Poly carbonate shell. - Comes with a 360 degree rotating interlocking swivel. - Two layers (thick and thin) provided for preventing scratches on the handle bar and on the device. - Easy tightening approach without the use of spanners.

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Led Lenser

  • Weight: 3.10 oz | 88 g
  • Battery Type: 3 x AAA
  • Rechargeable: No
  • Includes: AAA Ni-MH Batteries

Smart Light Technology (Basic): Smart Light Technology allows you to program your light functions to the task at hand. Three light functions (Power, Low Power, and Defense Strobe) are easily operated with full or half clicks, ensuring your focus will be on the job, not on your light. 150° Ultra-wide Beam: The 150° ultra-wide beam takes into account the natural movement of the human eye with a field of vision that is more horizontal than vertical. With this wide of a view, you’re sure not to miss anything in your peripheral. Blinking Rear Red Light: A blinking rear red light allows you to be safe and be seen from behind. Compact Aerodynamic Form: Compact, lightweight design is perfect for activities where size and weight matter.

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Trek Gaiters

  • Weight 220g/7.8oz

The new men's Trek Gaiters provide lightweight, durable protection from rough, wet ground on long walk ins and prolonged expeditions to the mountains. During long approach walks and multi-day expeditions to the mountains, you can find yourself negotiating tricky ground before you even reach your chosen objective. Designed using waterproof and breathable Watergate&trade ripstop fabric, the men's Trek Gaiters provide lightweight, durable protection from the mud, water and snow. Features: - Waterproof and breathable Watergate™ ripstop fabric - 600D Polyester ankle - Elasticated ankle - Front zip opening with velcro storm flap - Webbing underboot strap - Drawcord top closure - Traditional lace hook

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Flexi Hook Bungee Net

The everyday rider’s fastest and easiest method of securing stuff to motorcycles. The net is with eight plastic hooks and stores in any pocket or corner of a tank bag. A quality generic bungee cord net that is amazingly adaptable. You can remove and adjust the plastic hooks as per you requirement. We all know how frustrating it can get when a bungee cord breaks or gives way in the middle of a trip. So how does one find out the difference between a genuine superior quality and a fake inferior quality bungee cord? We have written a blogpost on how to spot the difference to avoid getting cheated or buying inferior quality bungee cords. To get an understanding, click on the below link.. Do you want to know some best practices for tying down luggage on a motorbike with the help of Bungee Cords? MotoTech lists the Do's and Don'ts of using Bungee Cords on a motorcycle in their blog. Click on the below link to read more.. Features: - Size Un-stretched: 15 inches x 12 inches. - Stretched Rectangular: 25 inches x 22 inches. - Tightly fastens books, bags, jackets, helmets, etc. to the rear seat or the tank. - 8 hooks. - Durable elastic bands neatly prevent load shifting and spillage. - These nets provide a larger coverage area. - 4mm Diameter of the Bungee Cord

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MotoTech Armour Insert

  • Protection level Level 2
  • Reference EN1621-1:2012
  • Definition of Level 2 protectors Armor that allows upto 9 kN of force to be transmitted can attain a Level 2 protection.
  • Use Internal Protection
  • PU formula Viscoflex
  • Type Type A
  • Dimensions Width - 17cm, Height - 20cm
  • T+ Yes
  • T- Yes

MotoTech in collaboration with Safetech offers a strong and durable solution towards the safety woes of riders. These armour inserts are lightweight and flexible and assist in protecting your body parts to the optimum, while on two or more wheels. Made from VISCOFlex, a special polyurethane formula, the Safetech MotoTech armours are CE Approved and are ideal for  Elbow, Shoulder and Knee. VISCO Flex prevents trauma to the human body by three methods: 1) Shock Absorption: Material absorbs impact energy through phase change (hardening). 2) Shock Delay: Material delays the transmittance of some shock to the human body over a longer period of time. 3) Dissipation: Impacts are dissipated over larger areas of the body.   Safetech is a dynamic company that manufactures safety protectors for the world of motor and bicycle sport, made of a special polyurethane formula. The use of nanotechnology in prototyping and innovation  have lead to the development of innovative and high-quality protection solutions. PLEASE NOTE: Kindly compare the dimensions of the armour (shown in extra images), with the armour of your current jacket before ordering. This will help you in understanding which of the Safetech armours to order and whether it would fit in your current jacket. Features: - Shoulder, elbow and knee URBAN protector. - Lightweight and flexible. - Made from ViscoFlex material (new, soft, high-performance formula). - CE Level 2 - Sold as a pair

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Bulwark Bionic Knee Armour

  • External Shell Three overlapped shells of black semi-rigid and partially perforated polymeric material
  • Padding Declared black PE foam
  • Securing System        Three elastic straps with pin lock fastening system

The Mototech Bulwark Bionic Knee Armour is a streamlined guard that offers exceptional coverage to the knee, shin and lower thigh. The symmetrical, anatomic design grants great comfort and exceptional performance. The use of highly breathable construction materials ensure the knee protector remains comfortable, throughout a day long ride. The multilayered construction is designed for motorcycle riders who want more coverage than conventional knee protectors. The three overlapped shells of semi-rigid and partially perforated polymeric material and black PE foam padding reduces the severity of injuries caused by impacts due to an accident. The three elastic straps with pin lock fastening system helps in keeping the bionic knee protector in place. Features: - Complete protector covering the knee, shin & lower thigh. - Lightweight knee guard that provides exceptional impact protection. - Strategic protection points ensures that the knee protector meets CE standard 1621-1 Type B (k+l) - Constructed with three impact resistant overlapped shells of semi-rigid and partially perforated polymeric material and grey PE foam padding - Foam padding is removable with metal buttons attached to the polymeric layer - Kneecup features large lateral extensions for maximum protection coverage. - Protector is backed with grey PE foam to keep you comfortable - Elastic, slim and easy to adjust straps with pin lock fastening system ensure a precise fit - Sold as a pair - One size fits mos   Please Note:   Do not compare this knee armour to the fake / replica knee armours available in the market of other well known brands. MotoTech Bulwark Bionic Knee Armour is a genuine & quality product made by MotoTech OEM partners with Optimum CE certification.

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HELMETS Twister Cartoon GRPS

  • External shell: Aerodynamic, moulded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic)
  • Internal shell: Moulded in differentiated density EPS
  • Inner: Breathable, hypoallergenic liners, fully removable and washable. Removable lower wind stop and nose guard
  • Ventilation: All air-vents are adjustable. Air-vents on the chin, an air-vent on the upper part of the shell, rear extractor
  • Visor: Scratch-resistant and rapid release, suitable for use with Pinlock® Original. Extra Wide Vision (very wide visual field). Internal scratch-resistant sun shield
  • Visor mechanism: Does not require the use of tools
  • Retention system: Equipped with a practical quick release buckle for micrometric adjustment.
  • Bluetooth: Compatible
  • Homologation: ECE 22-05
  • Item Weight: 699 g
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 15 cm

The Twister model stands out in the 2016 SMK collection. A latest-generation full-face helmet, it responds to the most demanding requisites in terms of performance, comfort and safety. Lightness, the aerodynamic form of the shell and extreme comfort characterise this SMK helmet, which is a leader in its category. The external shell is moulded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic), a thermoplastic resin that is particularly resistant to impact, and has an aerodynamic shape that offers little wind resistance, ensuring silence inside the helmet. The internal shell is moulded in differentiated density EPS, for better absorption of the energy resulting from an impact. The ventilation system has been designed to allow for the constant intake of fresh air through the two adjustable air vents, one positioned on the chin and another on the upper part of the shell. Hot air can exit through the rear extractor. The visor mechanism is simple and functional, and does not require the use of tools to remove or fix the external visor. To unlock it, once lifted, just pull the red lever forward. This results in an initial click that allows the visor to remain slightly open, optimising the anti-fog effect even at low speed. The visor includes a scratch-resistant system and is moulded in polycarbonate it is suitable for use with Pinlock® Original and is Extra Wide Vision, meaning that the rider benefits from a much wider visual field than is standard. The practical internal sun shield is easily activated with a switch positioned on the lower left of the helmet. The inner linings are breathable and hypoallergenic, fully removable and washable, and ensure maximum comfort even after prolonged use. The retention system is equipped with a practical quick release buckle for micrometric adjustment. The convenient wind stop and removable nose guard complete the features of this helmet, which is also suitable for use with Bluetooth intercommunication systems.

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Vintage Tan With Metallic Black

Keep your keys secure by hooking them  to your belt or your pants' loop. It's just the right length to let your keys hang loose or slip them into your pocket if you prefer to walk in silence, without the beloved key jingle. Can also be used as a key chain

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Shoe Protector

Keep your shoes protected from dirt and grease on the gear shifter.  100% leather 0% Compromise : All leather construction and no cheap liners Adjustable leather strap Premium Suede lining to prevent any damage to the shoe  Comes with a cotton sack to store the shoe protector after riding

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Grips Wrap

Designed to considerably reduce handlebar vibrations while giving your motorcycle a classy vintage feel. Improves grip especially while wearing gloves. It sticks to your bars using heavy duty tape from   3M .    Do It Yourself:   Just wrap it over your existing handlebar grip and you are ready to roll. 

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Tank Pouch Vintage Tan


Carry all your riding essentials in style from keys, gloves, wallet, bandana and anything else you can’t live without. Stick it on the tank when you are on the bike and hook it to your belt when you are off the bike. Handmade for the modern adventurer who prefers the charm and build quality of the good old days using finest leather which gets better as it ages.  Sticks to your tank using 6 super powerful magnets to counter the bumps along the way.  Can also be used as a tool box.

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Saddle Bag

  • Dimensions: L26cm / B38cm / D18cm
  • Capacity: 24 Litres (per side. total = 48 Liters optimum)
  • Compatibility :  Cruisers, Tourers, Classic vintage, Street bikes, Naked sport, Adventure - Motorcycles, Motorcycles with upswept exhausts

Motorcycle Saddle Bag (Universal compatibility)   The new ACE saddle bags are designed in mind keeping the modern day requirements. Sleek & compact while not compromising on volume. The ACE saddle bags would easily go with a wide variety of motorcycles.      Features : - Heavy denier ballistic fabric 900x900 - Two tone modern design - Reinforced stress points for enduring weight - Shape retainers & foam insulated paddings on inside - Adjustable saddle width & height - 6 exterior zippered pockets - Genuine YKK zippers & 3M Scotchlite reflectives - HiViz rain covers included

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Navigator Tankbag

Material Specifications: 1) 3 powerful rear earth magnets 2) Made from top quality 1680D polyester material with transparent coating. 3) Failsafe heavy duty YKK Zippers 4) Highly reflective Rynox Logo for added visibility 5) protective material to hold the bag firm while riding thereby avoiding lateral and sideways movement.   Mounting: 1) Portable tankbag fits comfortably on most metal tanks.   Features: 1) Bag maintains it's shape even when empty. 2) Convenient GPS/Mobile phone transparent map pocket. 3) Includes a shoulder strap, so that you can also use your bag as a sling bag. 4) Compact and easy internal organiser to store headphones, chargers and essentials. 5) Magnet hideout construction for ease of use as an everyday sling bag.   6) External side pockets to store wallets,   7) Includes a 100% waterproof seamless raincover. Capacity: Holds 15 liters

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Trailproof Drybag

  • Materials: 500D reinforced vinyl
  • Volume: 915 cu in / 15 litres
  • Perfect For: Rafting, travel, base camp, sailing and expedition use

Features: - These are tough and simple drybags which allow you to pack and go, wherever you need to go - They are made from tough 500D vinyl to withstand all the knocks that you experience on the trail - It is really simple to seal these drybags, just roll the top down 3 times - The bright colour means you can easily spot your gear amongst everyone else’s, and it reduces how hot they’ll get if left out in the sun. -  Adjustable strap included, to be used as a sling bag.

  • ltrs H W gm*
    15 33cm 22cm 390g
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Stormproof Messenger Bag

  • Materials: Outer shell - 420D and 1680D PU-coated nylon. Sleeve - PU- and silicone-coated 40D nylon.
  • Weight: Outer shell - 404g / 14.3oz Laptop sleeve - 129g / 4.6oz Shoulderstrap - 90g / 3.2oz
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX6
  • Perfect For:                         Standard 15.6-inch laptops.

Features: - The removable laptop sleeve is designed to protect a standard 15.6-inch laptop computer. It features a key loop and a variety of pockets for small items. - It has a fold-over & Velcro closure. - The outer shell seals with first a water-resistant zipper, and then a rainproof roll-seal and Velcro closure, and finally a Storm-flap with side-release buckle. - On the back of the bag there are ergonomic cushion pads to protect your back. - There's also a lash-tab for attaching your bike light. - The whole thing weighs only 22oz / 623g. Super-light but super-strong.

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GERBER Balance Multi-tool Essentials

  • Overall Length 5.3”
  • Closed Length 3.8"
  • Weight 7.0 oz

When folded, it’s like a smooth stone in your hand. The Balance is all rounded edges and efficient design. This sleek multi-tool boasts 12 components, including scissors, bottle opener, a partially serrated fine-edge blade, as well as easy sliding pliers and long drivers for work on electronics. This tool is for daily use and larger weekend jobs around the house.   Features: 12 Components - Needle Nose Pliers - Partially Serrated Blade - Regular Pliers - Tweezers - Wire Cutter - Scissors - Bottle Opener - Small Phillips & Flat Head Drivers - Medium Phillips & Flat Head Drivers - Stainless Steel    

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