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Hend Held Refractrometer

Hend Held Refractrometer

We manufacture, supply and export Brix Hand Refractometer which is developed for working with sugar related liquids (fruit juice, soft-drinks, honey). Brix Hand Refractometer helps monitor to control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages. It can also check the “ripeness” of fruit in the field, verify product quality after harvesting or controlling concentrations during processing and packaging. Brix Hand Refractometer provides critical information to ensure product quality. These Brix Hand Refractometers are available in various models. Few of most models of Brix Hand Refractometer like RHB-10, RHB-18 and RHB-32 are commonly used for controlling the concentration of various industrial fluids (cutting lubricants and flux rinsing compounds).


Model Range Min.Div. Accuracy Remark
RHB-10 Brix: 0-10% Brix: 0.1% Brix: ± 0.10% ATC
RHB-18 Brix: 0-18% Brix: 0.1% Brix: ± 0.10% ATC
RHB-32 Brix: 0-32% Brix: 0.2% Brix: ± 0.20% ATC
RHB-55 Brix: 0-55%     ATC
RHB-62 Brix: 28-62% Brix: 0.5%
Brix: 0.5%
Brix: ±0.20%  
RHB-82 Brix: 45-82%
Brix: 58-92%
Baume: 0.5Be Brix: ± 0.50%
Brix: ± 0.50%
RHB-92 Baume: 38-43Be
water: 12-27%
water: 1% Baume: ±0.50Be
water: ±1%

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