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Clay Split Tiles

Clay Split Tiles

Clay Split Tiles are the simplest technical remedy to stop the leakage of RCC roof or any other flat roof like stone slab roof. We are reckoned as a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of Clay Split Tiles from Tumkur, Karnataka. Our Clay Split Tiles are manufactured using de-airing process renders more compatibility strength and fine finish to the tiles. The Clay Split Tiles that we offer are economical, eco-friendly and can resist even under adverse climatic conditions. We make available these tiles in two sizes, one is 10” x 5” and the other one is 9” x 9”.


Split Tiles are manufactured using the most advanced technology. After the selection of various types of clay they are proportionately mixed using mixer, crusher and fine grinded before extrusion through polisher. Clay is kept for ageing before final extraction through de-airing machine. De-Airing is the latest method in terracotta wherein entire air from the clay molecules is drawn out using high-power vacuum pumps. This process renders more compatibility strength and fine finish to the tiles.

Why do concrete slabs leak?
Due to increased heat in day time, concrete slabs expand. And fall in temperature at night lead to contraction of concrete slab. This expansion and contraction of the concrete cause minute cracks initially on the ordinary cement roof slab. This is due to the brittle nature of cement concrete as the cement portion of it does not have the provision to expand or contract. Once the crack widens, water get inside the RCC slab and start wetting the inner surface which lead to the failing of water in droplets. Then the iron bars start corroding causing increase in volume and consequently enlargement of crack cause more leakage of roof. If not checked in time the strength of the building gets deteriorated considerably. Split Tiles are an excellent remedy to prevent such leakage.

The area has to be prepared by pouring cement grout on the slab surface and placing the split tiles over the grout, after splitting the tiles in to two parts. This can be achieved by hitting the side of the tile with a masonry trowel. Then the tiles to be laid at a gap of 3-4 mm between the tiles with adequate slope for water to drain and tiles are to be inserted into the parapet wall.

After one or two days of curing make sure that the tiles are holding on to the grout that has been laid underneath. Now the gaps between the tiles are filled with wet mix of cement, sand and waterproofing compound. After a normal curing the slab becomes waterproof.

Laying of Split Tiles
The method of laying the Split Tiles over the concrete slab is quiet simple. Some sand, cement and waterproofing compounds are needed.

  • Application : Roofing
  • Feature : Attractive Look, Durable
  • Available size range : 10” x 5” and 9” x 9”
  • Surface Treatment : Coated
  • Area of Application : Residential & Commercial

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Clay Split Tile (9X9 Laid)
  • Clay Split Tile (9X9 Laid)

Clay Split Tile (10X5 Laid)
  • Clay Split Tile (10X5 Laid)

Clay Split Tile (10X5 Laid)
  • Clay Split Tile (10X5 Laid)

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