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Chilli Oleoresin

Chilli Oleoresin

Paprika oleoresin is a deep red coloured liquid extracted from dried red pepper or paprika. It has a characteristic of fruity smell of paprika. We also supply a capsicum oleoresin. The oleoresin we export is completely natural without any added additives. It is a natural food colouring agent. The offered product is packed in airtight bottles.


  Paprika Oleoresin Capsicum Oleoresin<40% Capsicum Oleoresin>60%
Appearance Red Colored, Semi Viscous Liquid Brownish yellow colored , Light – semi viscous liquid Brownish yellow colored , Soldified form product
Odour Characteristic fruity smell of Paprika Characteristic pungent smell of ground capsicum -
Oil Soluble Oleoreisn 20,000 CU to 140,000 CU (ASTA – MSD.10) 1% to 40% (Asta Method no. 21.3) -
Water Soluble Oleoresin 10,000 CU to 60,000 CU 1% to 20% -
ABS Ratio 0.960 – 0.985 - -
Color Value - Less than 4000 CU (ASTA Msd 1.0) 3000 CU (ASTA Msd 1.0)
Pungency Less than 2000 Shu (Asta Method.21.3) - -
Total Capsaicinoids - - 60% to 75% (ASTA Method no.21.3)
Residual Solvent Level Less than 20.0 ppm (EOA Method no.1-1 d.3.1) Less than 20.0 ppm (EOA Method no.1-1 d.3.1) Less than 50.0 ppm (EOA Method no.1-1 d.3.1)
Solubility Water / Oils & Fats Water / Oils & Fats -

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