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We offer the best product range of Chem 200 Clinical Chemistry Autoanalyzer, ECG Single Channel, ECG 3 Channel, Fully Automated Elisa Systems and Veda Lab Easy Reader.

Chem 200 Clinical Chemistry Autoanalyzer

Gesan Chem 200 Clinical Chemistry Autoanalyzer An integrated clinical chemistry system has born from the cooperation of two Italian companies. The ideal choice for: Point of care Operationg rooms Urgency departments Small, medium laboratory Special routine and backup in the big laboratory Veterinary laboratory

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ECG Single Channel

Large LCD Display waveform and Data. High-resolution thermal printing array system. Frequency response is as high as 150Hz. Capable of printing continuously on channel trace and annotations including lead mark and parameter such as sensitivity, paper speed and filter operation status. High resolution digital filter inhibits baseline drift without affecting ECG waveform. Lead: Standard 12 leads. Concept of floating input circuit meets IEC safety standard. Rechargeable battery supporting more than 50 patient examinations.

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ECG 3 Channel

High resolution thermal printing system , high precision. 12 leads collection in phase as well as 3 leads printing in phase. Digital design and filter , baseline auto-adjustable. LCD displays operation menu . DCAC auto-exchange. Automatic measurement , analysis and diagnosis with high speed. Elegant and compact outlook, with inner handhold.

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Fully Automated Elisa Systems

Automatic Analyzer For E.L.I.S.A. & Allergology ATOM PLUS is a fully automated multi parametric open system working on 1 E.L.I.S.A. mycroplate and able to process up to 8 different tests and up to 16 different samples. It works also on allergology and food intolerances, performing 1 to 4 samples and up to 12 (IgE) or 96 (IgG) allergens together.

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Veda Lab Easy Reader

The VEDALAB EASY READER is an innovative meter for quantitative measurement of immunochromatographic rapid tests results. The meter is using an high resolution CCD camera. This devices and kits are widely used as screening tools for medical conditions and diseases. The products generate accurate, rapid and cost-effective diagnostic information for acute and chronic conditions affecting men's and women's health at the various stages of life. Easy Reader & kits are designed for healthcare professionals, for use in physicians offices, clinical laboratories and pharmacies, and to consumers, through organizations that provide diagnostic information. Easy Reader & Kits is thus committed to enable rapid treatment, improved health outcomes, lower costs and increased patient satisfaction.

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OC 2 Plus(Oxygen Concetrator)

Pressure swing absorption technology. • Adjustable timer with LCD display. • No consumables required. • Alarms, Power failure, temperature, low and high pressure. • Adjustable flow rate, Continuous flow of oxygen allows quiet and restful sleep to patients. • Inbuilt Nebulizer.

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SpO2 NIBP Monitor V3

Compact and portable, uninterrupted monitoring with built-in battery. High bright LED display of SPO2, NIBP and PULSE RATE. High resolution color LCD for trend tabular and SPO2 waveforms display and LED for numeric display (SPO2NIBPPR). Manual Auto measurement of NIBP. Adjustable audible and visual alarms. Up to 2000 NIBP data storage of 3000 SPO2 data. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

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Fully Automated Random Access Coagulation Analyze

  • features Mechanical Modes, Easy of use ,Chromogenic assays.

The demand for rapid, accurate patient results from today’s clinician requires a complete solution for the Haemostasis Laboratory. The Destiny Plus™ represents the ultimate in the fusion of technology and economy for coagulation automation in the mid to large-sized, routine or specialty laboratory.

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