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Stevia Rebaudiana

Stevia Rebaudiana

We are proud to present superior quality Stevia Rebaudiana, as part of our Medicinal herbal Plants Product Range. The extra ordinary Stevia Rebaudiana are available in fresh and natural form and can are widely used by ayurvedic formulations and pharmaceutical formulations.
Part Used :
Dried Leaves
Medicinal uses :
300 times sweeter than that of sugarUsed ideally as a calorie free sugarExcess glycosidal diterpene Stevioside (6-12% on dry weight basis)Offers elevated glucose clearanceIncreases both salt excretion and urine flowSignificantly lowers the blood pressure
Folk medicine uses include :
Hypertension diabetesAs a contraceptive
Chemistry :
The herb contains diterpenes glycosides, particularly stevioside (5 to 10%), rebaudoside A (2 to 4%), including as well rebaudoside C and dulcoside A. Chen et al (2005) have studied the mechanism of the hypoglycaemic effect of steveoside. It also contains volatile oil (0.1%) and flavonoids.

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