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  • A Proven Method To Develop Your Intuition

    A Proven Method To Develop Your Intuition

    Discover  An Amazing 4-Step Method To Unlock Priceless Guidance From Your Intuition… Starting Today
    Most Of Us Are Trained To IGNORE Our Intuition

    • We’re told to be “rational” or “sensible.”
    • To “face facts” when making decisions.
    • To “think things through.”
    • To conform to society’s norms about how people “should” make ...

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  • Achieve All Your Dreams With The Success Mindset

    Achieve All Your Dreams With The Success Mindset

    A proven process for developing five  powerful  mindsets to finally achieve your financial, personal and professional goals-in 90 days or less!

    90-day transformational program that provides you with the clarity and confidence you need to dissolve self-imposed limitations and become an unequivocal powerhouse in the pursuit of your biggest, most important dreams.

    Dear Success Seeker,

    I know how life is. It’s constantly throwing you curveballs, ...

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  • Adult Midbrain Activation

    Adult Midbrain Activation

    Ruwan’s  Adult  Midbrain Activation Program(Ramp)

    Adult Midbrain Activation - Your path to Higher Consciousness.

    What is  Ruwan’s. Mid-Brain Activation for Adults?

    • Mid Brain activation for adults is a special program to awaken the hidden potential of the human brain
    • The aim of  mid-brain activation is to help us engage the subconscious in a full state of awareness ...

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  • Awaken The Third Eye

    Awaken The Third Eye


    What is the Third Eye?
    The third eye is the gate that opens to the space of consciousness and inner worlds. It is also the main organ through which the body of energy can be awakened and governed. In practice, the third eye acts as a 'switch' which activates higher states of consciousness and experiences of spiritual vision.

    The development of spiritual vision requires the patient building of some new ...

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  • Awaken Your Psychic Powers

    Awaken Your Psychic Powers

    Awaken Your  Psychic Powers

    • Everyone has the ability to channel psychic energy for the benefit of self and many.
    • The  term psychic energy  mean  that force which comes to us from beyond our physical world to help us integrate all our parts and express them in this third-dimensional reality.
    • You can learn powerful and effective ways to develop your own psychic abilities and use them for awakening your higher consciousness. ...

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  • Brain Builders

    Brain Builders

    Brain Builders Course
    Get  access to 100’s of ways to preserve, restore and improve the brain's potential. These all-natural techniques help boost brain power and prevent mental aging. They represent the latest developments in scores of disciplines, including meditation, yoga, nutrition, vitamins, herbs and more.

    Recent  advances in neuro science confirm that the human brain is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets. The ...

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  • Coping Skills For Children

    Coping Skills For Children

    Coping Skills For Children

    • Coping Strategies, Exercises, Visualizations, and Meditations for young people and people with any intellectual disability.
    • Exercises to help with feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. Instructions are given for particular conditions where the exercises may be especially useful. The exercises are meant to be used preventatively, to promote resilience, as well as reactively, to help exit a state. For maximum gain, ...

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  • Double Or Triple Your Present Reading Speed-In Two Hours Or Less

    Double Or Triple Your Present Reading Speed-In Two Hours Or Less

    • Learn the latest proven  techniques to double your reading speed in one hour.
    • Information explosion is all around us. You are reading this page with the reading skills learnt in the primary school. It is time to upgrade.
    • This class has been presented live with outstanding results.
    • Read Faster – Remember More – Retain Longer


    Learn and absorb reading material 3 times faster than you can ...

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  • Four Skills Of Genius And The Genius Code

    Four Skills Of Genius And The Genius Code

    What if you could develop superior mental powers similar to those from the greatest minds of mankind?

    • Only the Mozarts, Einsteins, and da Vincis—a microscopic sliver of the population—seem to use their brainpower efficiently.
    • So stupendous do their talents appear to the rest of us, that we look upon such geniuses as divinely gifted beings endowed with what appear to be supernatural powers.

    What would it mean for ...

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  • Genius Mind Power (GMP) Reading

    Genius Mind Power (GMP) Reading

    Do you realize you are reading this page using a technique you learned at junior school?

    Do you want to develop it?

    This is what Genius Mind Power Reading™ can do for you :

    • Read Faster - We will show you how to read faster - much faster
    • Read Better - bypass the 'padding' and go direct to the substance of what you are reading
    • Read smarter;  Improve the way you use your eyes to see the ...

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  • Guide To The Shichida Method

    Guide To The Shichida Method

    Professor Makoto Shichida is a highly respected figure in Japan and increasingly around the world as his revolutionary method of stimulating children’s brains from the age of three months is changing the way we understand how children learn.    

    The Shichida Method has been used in Japan for over 25 years and is backed by 40 years of research into developing techniques to stimulate the early development of the brain.     

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  • Guide to Yumiko Method of QSR

    Guide to Yumiko Method of QSR

    Guide To Yumiko Method Of QSR

    • This is a guide to the method and techniques of QSR BY Ms  Yumiko Tobitani,  for those interested in the program but want to get a general idea of what it means.
    • The original book is now out of print and the publishers have no intention of doing a second printing. The book is now considered an  antique and fetches as much as $1000 on the internet.
    • This guide provides you with  a lot of ...

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  • How To Achieve Financial Freedom

    How To Achieve Financial Freedom

    Financial freedom is much more than having money. It’s the freedom to be who you really are and do what you really want in life. And many of us,  lose site of this by putting others first and playing many different roles such as parent, spouse, employee, friend, and more.

    If you want to be financially-free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past. It’s a process of growth, improvement and ...

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  • How To Activate Your Super Memory

    How To Activate Your Super Memory

    Memory is our ability to encode, store, retain and subsequently recall information and past experiences in the human brain. It can be thought of in general terms as the use of past experience to affect or influence current behaviour.

    Memory is the sum total of what we remember, and it  gives us the capability to learn and adapt from previous experiences as well as to build relationships. It is the ability to remember past experiences, and the power or process of recalling ...

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  • How To Become A Superlearner

    How To Become A Superlearner

    Superlearning” is the title of a book authored by Sheila Ostrander, Lyn Schroeder, and Nancy Ostrander. It was first published in 1979 and an updated version was published in 1997 as “Superlearning 2000.”

    The authors wanted to introduce some of the discoverires in Soviet Russia and the theory of  Suggestopaedia by the Bulgarian Educationist – Dr Georgi Lozanov. The ideas from their booki were used to create programs such as Accelerated Learning – ...

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  • How To Tap In To Your Energy To Get Answers To Life's Questions And Challenges

    How To Tap In To Your Energy To Get Answers To Life's Questions And Challenges

    How to Tune Into Your Spiritual Energy to Empower Your “Real World”

    • Learn four powerful yet simple energy techniques to tap into your spiritual body so you can easily fine tune your physical world for more health, wealth, love, inner peace and clarity
    • Discover How To Tap Into Your Energy To Get Answers, Heal Yourself, Attract Synchronicities, Raise Your Vibration… And Make An Impact On The world
    • Program That Guides You ...

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  • How To Use Your Body's Energy System For Healing & Longevity

    How To Use Your Body's Energy System For Healing & Longevity

    Become A Profound User Of Energy Medicine So You That You Can MAGNIFY The Potential In Your Health, Happiness, Productivity, And Relationships — And Even Help Others.

    This course is for you if:

    • You are fascinated by the potential of energy medicine and want to take a GIANT step towards mastering its use for healing yourself and others.
    • You are tired of the crisis-intervention style traditional medicine and want to ...

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  • Power Of Personal Achievement

    Power Of Personal Achievement

    The Skills, Tools and Confidence to Achieve Anything and Everything You Want, in Every Aspect of Your Life!

    Finally: A proven, step-by-step system for developing the mindset, habits and decision-making skills to create exactly the life you want,effortlessly, no matter how educated you are, how much money you have, or the circumstances you’re living in now!

  • Power Productivity

    Power Productivity

    What  do highly-successful people do to achieve their goals, stay productive, and get things done — even when they’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and feel like giving up!

    • No matter where you are in life, becoming a master of your time is something that will benefit you, and I'd like to help you do just that.
    • So, I created Power Productivity, which follows the exact techniques that I used myself to go from broke underachiever to one of the ...

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  • Remove The Blocks To A Life Of Abundance

    Remove The Blocks To A Life Of Abundance

    • Ride the wave of awakening and break free from the 24 ‘Abundance Blocks’ holding you back…with the Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program
    • Commit to liberate yourself from the shackles on your energy and immerse yourself into an energetic transformation.
    • Christie Marie Sheldon's Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program provides you with the tools to break free from the Abundance Blocks in your life and promote a conscious mind shift to enable you ...

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  • Resources For Gifted And Talented Children

    Resources For Gifted And Talented Children

    • Giftedness refers to a high intelligence or aptitude, while talented refers to a high level of performance in areas such as music, art, craft, dance or sport. Giftedness is inherited but a gifted child needs support to identify and develop their special abilities.
    • Giftedness can be found in any culture, ethnic or socio-economic group. Their talents can be intellectual, emotional or physical, and appear at any age. A child with a disability can also be gifted.
    • Most ...

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  • Resources For Parents Of Special Needs Children

    Resources For Parents Of Special Needs Children

    Resources  Forparents Of  Special Needs Children -Product No 8

    This is  A Resource Guide to different special needs conditions and disorders – we understand there is a huge amount of information about Special Needs Children on the internet.  So why this page?

    Before reading anything on the internet about your child's condition, take heed of one experienced mum's warning: "Internet information that is too glib or general can ...

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  • Ruwan's Midbrain Activation For Children

    Ruwan's Midbrain Activation For Children

    The acronym midbrain stands for   m=meditation, I=intuition, d=divine, b=breathing, r=rhythm, a=ajna chakra, I=inner eye, n=nature.

    Ruwan’s Midbrain Activation© (RMBA) is a training program centered on teaching children to see without using their physical eyes - although it is so much more...


    RMBA is a form of brain / mind development for children. RMBA teaches children how to use their own life force ...

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  • Ruwan's Quantum Speed Reading RQSR

    Ruwan's Quantum Speed Reading RQSR

    Quantum Speed Reading (QSR) is for developing your child's mind after Midbrain Activation.  QSR is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages. It was developed in Japan and has been taught to both children and adults there for the last several years. It is one of the follow up programs after Midbrain Activation.

    We are proud to be the only certified teachers of  Quantum Speed Reading in Australasia trained by Ms Yumiko Tobitani, in ...

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  • Secrets To A Million Dollar Vocabulary

    Secrets To A Million Dollar Vocabulary

    Why you need to improve Your Vocabulary

    • Here  are the average results of an extensive vocabulary test, averaged and grouped by hierarchical level:
    • Build, improve, and expand your vocabulary quickly and easily with the Million Dollar Vocabulary personal learning course.
    • Million Dollar Vocabulary contains breakthrough processes to make it easier to learn over 600 words. Brief and Straightforward Guide:
    • Here are 3 good reasons for ...

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  • Speak English In 24 Hours

    Speak English In 24 Hours

    • Speak English in 24 Hours
    • Teacher with 30 years experience
    • Certificate in Spoken English
    • Cambridge university-England

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  • Study Smarter Not Harder

    Study Smarter Not Harder

    We all want to get better grades and waste less time studying. This course is designed to teach you simple ways to improve your studying so that you can learn more in a shorter amount of time.

    Even if you only learn one or two of the study tips and strategies in this course it can drastically increase the success of your studies.

    This course is for you if you:

  • Success Mastery

    Success Mastery

    Here’s A Proven System for Setting-and Meeting-Objectives for Personal and Business Success

    Brian Tracy's Success Mastery Academy: the Ultimate, Uninhibited, Guaranteed Way to Achieve Peak Performance and Succeed in All Your Goals, Personally and Professionally.

    Ever wish you could do and be more in your life?

    You work hard every day, nose to the grindstone. You put in extra time, extra effort, and extra energy.

    But at the end of the ...

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  • Teach Your Baby To Read

    Teach Your Baby To Read

    Babies reading? Like many people, your initial reaction may be one of skepticism. But not only is it possible to teach your baby to read, it's also easy to do (easier than if you wait until your child is five or six years old). More importantly, your baby will love it!-

    "I don't believe it!"
    If you are skeptical about early reading, then this is the page for you. This is also the page for you if you are teaching your baby or young child to read and have to ...

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  • Think Like A Genius

    Think Like A Genius

    Thinking Skills are mental processes we use to do things like: solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, construct plans, evaluate ideas, organise information and create objects.  Thinking is fundamental to us humans. So much so, one philosopher said : “ I think therefore I am.”   

    Knowing how to think in any given situation – which type of thinking to employ – is a vital skill. The start point is understanding that there are many ...

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  • Transform Your Mind

    Transform Your Mind


    • Experience multiple breakthrough transformations in key areas of your life and put yourself among the world’s happiest super-achievers in 8 weeks
    • So You Too Can Make The Lightning Fast Progress In Your Goals And Dreams
    • For Instant Transformation That’ll Make A Day-And-Night Difference To The Things That Matter In Your Life
    • I’m going to share with you what new research reveals is the exact reason why your road ...

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  • Ultimate Self Development Library

    Ultimate Self Development Library

    A collection of resources to help you in your search for

    Self Help – Self Growth – Self Improvement

    What is Personal Development?
    Personal development isn’t something that happens to you - it’s something that you must choose to do for yourself. But once you make that choice, you need to have the right tools to put it into action successfully. Here are a few powerful personal development skills.

    Personal ...

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  • Write That Book Now

    Write That Book Now

    Releasing the Writer Inside You

    • Are you there?  Can you hear me?  I’m the writer inside you.  Please help me… I’m trapped in here!
    •  Most people know how to write.  On a daily basis, millions of people compose emails, letters to friends, journals, blogs, and/or Facebook statuses.  But let’s face it, not everyone is a good writer.  So what’s the difference between a good writer and a, well, ...

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