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Our Complete range of products are HIGH BP CARE JUICE, Diabo Care Special Juice and Amla Murrabba.


Ingredients:- Jatamansi 24% , sarpgandha 12% , Shankhapushpi 12% , Bach 24% , Rudraksha 27.9%, Permitted class II preservatives 0.1%. HIGH B.P. CARE JUICE Jatamansi has the power to promote awareness and calm the mind. it is a very useful herb for palpitation, tension, headaches, restlessness and is used for promoting awareness and strengthening the mind. It aids in balancing the body of all three Ayurvedic doshas. Sarpagandha herb is best known for treating high blood pressure, it is used in Indian folk medicine as remedy for mental disorders too. The role of reserpine in reducing blood pressure can be described as follows. Dopamine, epinephrine (adrenaline), and noradrenaline are a group of hormones (neurotransmitters) known collectively as catecholamines. These are produced in the adrenal glands and are released into the bloodstream in response to physical or emotional stress. Noradrenaline constricts the blood vessels increasing the blood pressure and adrenaline increases the heart rate and metabolism. Reserpine works by significantly lowering catecholamines stores in adrenergic nerves and in the heart. This slows down the heart rate and helps open up capillaries and arterioles which in turn cause a reduction in blood pressure. Shankhapushpi is used as a brain tonic. It is one of the best and prominent natural medicines that help in improving memory. The whole plant of shankhapushpi is used in medical treatment. Its consumption also prevents memory loss.The herb is also used as one of the most important ingredients in the treatment of disorders/syndromes, such as hypertension, hypotension, anxiety neurosis, stresses etc.It is also beneficial in rejuvenation therapy and works as psycho-stimulant and tranquilizer.The extract from shankhapushpi helps in reducing the level of cholesterol in blood, including triglycerides, phospholipids and fatty acids. Rudraksha has proved to be highly beneficial for preventing and controlling diseases and health ailments. It has been given a special place in Ayurveda. In Ayurvedic scripture, Rudraksha has been considered equivalent to Sanjeevani ( a life saving herb). Rudraksha can be used in various forms for health benefits. Dosage :- 30 ml Twice a day after having light meal.  

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Diabo Care Special Juice

Jamun guthli extract 20 % , Neem extract 20 % , Amla Juice 20% , Gudmar Extract 5 % , Bhel patra extract 5 %, Karela Juice 29.9 %, 0.1% preservatives. Benefits of Sahyog Herbals Diabo Care Special Juice Jamun Guthli is indicated in Diabetes. It lowers blood sugar levels. The guthli (seed) of Jamun contains a compound which lowers conversion of starch into sugar. Take this Juice if your blood sugar is not lowering down as it really helps to lower the sugar in blood. Neem leaves the active ingredients are concentrated in the seed oil, the bark and the leaves of this plant. It’s leaf extracts and oil from the seeds reduce the requirement of insulin in the body by 60-70%.However, the glucose level remains in tact. The Neem also contains ingredients which stimulate the inactive pancreatic cells to produce insulin when the glucose level is high in the blood. The leaf extracts of this plant also improve the blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels in the body. Amla contains chromium. It has a therapeutic value in diabetics. Indian gooseberry or amla stimulates the isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin, thus it reduces blood sugar in diabetic patient. Gudmar When used for an extended time period, gudmar reduces blood sugar levels. It forms one of the ingredients in the manufacture of all natural medication for diabetes, apart from cinnamon, chromium, zinc, biotin, banaba, huckleberry and bitter melon. Extracts of the herb are believed to treat problems like hyperglycemia, obesity, high cholesterol levels, anemia and digestion. The herb controls and regulates weight, promotes healthy blood lipid levels, controls sugar craving and curbs sweet tooth. Karela is extremely beneficial in treating Diabetes mellitus. Karela helps in lowering blood sugar levels and also helps in suppressing sugar out flow in urine. Karela help to attain supportive sugar regulating outcome by suppressing the neural retort to sweet taste stimuli. It is an outstanding blood purifier and helps in maintaining good and clear skin. Bitter Melon treats worm infestations and also helps in evading parasitic attack. Bitter gourd excite pancreas, spleen and liver and helps in admirable absorption of food.  

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Amla Murrabba

We offer amla murabba, which is very tasty and works as a coolant for the body. Our amla murabba also strengthen the heart and effective in combating stomach disorder. Available in 500 gm & 1000gm Packing  

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