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Fresh Thompson Seedless Grapes

Fresh Thompson Seedless Grapes

The sultana is a "white" (pale green), oval seedless grape variety also called the sultanina, Thompson Seedless (United States), Lady de Coverly (England).


Thompson Seedless grapes are perhaps the most widely eaten and one of the older varieties of seedless grapes. Oblong shaped with a light green skin, they are juicy and sweet with a high sugar content - half as glucose, and half as fructose. Thompson Seedless grapes are also called sultana grapes as a large majority of sultanas are actually dried Thompson Seedless grapes.



Thompson Seedless grapes have a subtle sweet flavour, with a firm and juicy texture.



Resveratrol, found mainly in the skins of grapes, is gaining attention for its disease fighting abilities that may impact on a wide variety of health issues such as viruses, hearing loss and age-related conditions.

  • Variety : White Seedless Thompson
  • Type : Seedless Grapes
  • Color : Red
  • Punnets : 2400 cartons per container
  • Berry Size : Flame - 16mm to 18mm
  • Number of Cartons per Container : 4.5 kilo – 3400 cartons per container
  • Bunch Weight : 200 grams to 600 grams

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 4.5 kg loose in carry bags 8.2 kg loose in carry bags 10 x 500 gm punnets – 5 kg carton


Thomson Seedless White  seedless 16 and above 4.5Kg per box with 5Kg Punnet 10 pouches of 500 gm/box January-April

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