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Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic Band Heaters are manufactured by using special ceramic insulation material ' Steatite ' and fabricated with stainless steel sheet. The heating coils is made of high quality Nichrome wires.The spot welded clamp bars, Allen screw clamping provides a uniform clamping.
Ceramic Band Heaters are used for heating of moulds,dies,nozzles and barrels on all types of plastic processing machinery.
Heaters having high watt densities provide high operating temperature, resulting into high productivity.
Maximum sheet temperature up to 800 degree Celsius.
Maximum Watt density up to 50 Watts per Square Inches for the blower air cooling, the perforated ceramic heaters with cooling fins or without cooling fins can be manufactured as per customers specification.

Ceramic Band Heater consist of a helically wound resistance coil made from Nichrome 80/20 wire, evenly stretched and precisely strung through a steatie insulating bricks forming a flexible heating mat. The Ceramic heating mat along with 6 mm thick ceramic fiber insulation is assembled in S. S 304 sheet with serrate edges providing maximum flexibility for easy installation.



These heaters are sutable to apply heat by conduction to cylinderical surfaces-Injection Moulding M/cs, Plastic & Rubber Extrudgers, Dies, Drum Heating, Blow Moulding M/cs.

  • Voltage : 230 Volts / 415 Volts
  • Minimum Dia : 30mm
  • Std. gap between Clamps : 5-8mm
  • Wattage : 5%
  • Max. Temperature : 750 c
  • minimum Width : 25mm

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