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Toasted Full Fat Soya Flour

Toasted Full Fat Soya Flour

Toasted Full Fat Soya Flour is the enzyme inactive full fat soya flour manufactured by using only highest quality soybean seed as starting material. These are cleaned twice to remove all foreign material. After cleaning the beans are conditioned, cracked and de-hulled. The de-hulled beans are conditioned in a cooker and flaked. These flakes are toasted in a toaster and then ground through the ACM and sieved through Vibro meshes.





Used for Protein Fortification in Various Foods like Cake, Donuts, Sweet Goods, Waffles, Danish Dough, Sponge Cake, Pancake, Dry Mixes, Confections, Health Foods, Muffins, Nutritional Cereals, Breakfast Bars, Granola, Breads etc.

  • Moisture, % w/w, Max. : 8
  • Crude Fiber, % w/w, Max. : 5
  • Texture : Homogenous
  • Fat, % w/w, Max. : 18
  • Typical Analysis: :  
  • Physical Properties: : Specification
  • Urease Activity, Difference in pH, Max. : 0.3
  • Protein, % w/w, Min. : 38
  • Colour& Appearance : White to Light Cream.

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