Satyam Enterprises

Satyam Enterprises

Bhagalpur, Bihar, India


  • Windows Air Conditioner

    Windows Air Conditioner

    Windows Air Conditioner that we offer is available in different capacities in order to cater to variegated demands of the buyers. We are named among the renowned Suppliers of Windows Air Conditioner. It is procured from the most reliable sources of the market. When it comes to delivery, we make all ...

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  • Water Pumping Set

    Water Pumping Set

    We are the renowned supplier of water pumping set. Our water pumping set is well reckoned for its optimum quality, which is mainly due to our stringent quality checks conducted under the company parameters. The water pumping set meets the requirement of all our clients and it can be availed at ...

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  • Water Ozonator

    Water Ozonator

    We let the buyers lay their hands on the best quality Water Ozonators . We are one of the top-notch Suppliers of Water Ozonator in Bhagalpur, Bihar. We are supported by a well-established network, which adds fluidity to our operations. This also puts us in the state to conquer the orders timely and ...

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  • Sprite Air Conditioner

    Sprite Air Conditioner

    This highly innovative Sprite Air Conditioner is brought afore with an idea that promotes well-being. The AC is offered fitted with an advanced technology, which makes its functioning all the more better. We procure the AC from reliable names and make it available throughout the country within the ...

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  • Sprinkler Irrigation System

    Sprinkler Irrigation System

    We are offering sprinkler irrigation system. Catering to the needs of the clients, we bring forth sprinkler irrigation system. The method is similar to a rainfall, wherein water is distributed with the help of pump. It is then sprayed into the air and irrigated entire soil surface through spray ...

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  • Sprinkler Equipment

    Sprinkler Equipment

    We are offering sprinkler equipment all products are isi mark and best quality to sprinkling water.

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  • Solar Water Pump Set

    Solar Water Pump Set

    Owing to its high efficiency and reliability, the Solar Water Pump Set that we bring forth stands out from the rest of such sets. Its simple maintenance and installation makes it a convenient option. And its rugged construction enables it to last long. We are counted among the most preferred ...

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  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels

    Solar Panels that we offer are well tested and therefore, are the perfect option on which buyers can easily rely. We are counted among the top Suppliers of Solar Panels. We procure Solar Panels from the trusted vendors of the market. We are efficient enough to process retail as well as bulk orders ...

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  • Solar Charger Controller

    Solar Charger Controller

    This Solar Charger Controller , which is procured from credible brand, facilitates solar power generation. It is fitted with the latest technology, which makes it deliver high performance for a longer period. We are emerging as the reliable Supplier of Solar Charger Controller in Bhagalpur, Bihar. ...

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  • Silent Portable Generator

    Silent Portable Generator

    We excel in providing silent portable generator to our prestigious customers. The silent portable generator is well appreciated by our customers and therefore there has been a constant increase in their demand.

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  • Silent Diesel Generator

    Silent Diesel Generator

    we are offering 3.5 kva to 3000kva silent diesel generator. Specifications model name kohler diesel genset starting system electric acoustic enclosure panel microprocessor based amf response time 10 sec.a worldwide company kohler india corporation pvt ltd an iso 9001 and pollution certified

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  • Side Mount Swimming Pool Sand Filter

    Side Mount Swimming Pool Sand Filter

    The Side Mount Swimming Pool Sand Filters , we offer, are characterized by unique features that are responsible for bringing about effortless handling, easy maintenance, and efficient working. These Filters are versatile and high on performance. We take care of making them available to the length ...

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  • Rotary Tiller

    Rotary Tiller

    We are offering rotary tiller. Provide under the brand of honda, our rotary tiller is highly acclaimed in the market. The rotary tiller is helpful in uprooting all the weeds in fruit gardens, vegetable fields, and floriculture. The weeds lead to poor quality of the soil and therefore rotary tiller ...

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  • RO Water Softener

    RO Water Softener

    We serve the market with high-quality RO Water Softeners . We are amongst the foremost Suppliers of RO Water Softeners in Bhagalpur, Bihar. We source the Softeners from reliable vendors and make them available in a time-efficient manner to the desired place, anywhere across the country. We are ...

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  • Rain Gun

    Rain Gun

    We are offering rain gun rain gun mostly used for large volume sprinkling of water.its range cover approx 50 meter radious.

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  • portable power generators

    portable power generators

    Our organization is renowned as reliable distributor in the industry and based in the well-connected state of Bhagalpur(India). We are a quality conscious company and thus, we make certain that the quality of our product basket is superior and excellent.

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  • Lpg Portable Generator

    Lpg Portable Generator

    We are engaged in the supplying of lpg portable generator. The lpg portable generator is procured from the trusted manufacturers and therefore it has optimum quality. Our clients can avail the lpg portable generator at market leading prices from us.

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  • Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mower

    We are Offering Lawnmower push Self Propelled Lawnmower Hru196 K1 special Features hru196k1 - World Class Lawnmower now An Evergreen Lawn Can Be Yours Without Any Hassles. Honda Lawnmowers Relive You from all the Pain Involved in Cutting the Grass. Complete Within Built Hi-tech Features the Honda ...

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  • Kva Power Generator

    Kva Power Generator

    We are offering kva power generator. Kohler power systems is a worldwide known company and 90 years old in this segments. Its based in usa and manufacturing plant in india. An iso 9001 and pollution certified by pollution control board of india. Long life silent and auto on off systems.

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  • Kohler Generator

    Kohler Generator

    Kohler Generators that we offer provide satisfying solutions to both the residential and commercial power needs. These Generators not are only doled out with the value of underlying brand – Kohler, but are also offered with our promise of high quality. They are compactly designed and ruggedly ...

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  • Diesel Genset

    Diesel Genset

    Kohler india corporation pvt ltd a multinational company.manufacturing plant situated in india at aurangabad.certified by pollution control board and iso 9001 certified company.widest range in diesel genset from 3.5kva to 3000kva.all genset undergo load test as per iso 8528.soundless and with micro ...

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  • Inverter Portable Generator

    Inverter Portable Generator

    Our clients can avail Inverter Portable Generator from us. The Inverter Portable Generators are well reckoned in the market and they promise high quality standards. Our Inverter Portable Generator can be availed at market leading prices from us. Attributes : Long service life High performance Less ...

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    Model-exk2000s(self start) silent, eco-freindly, iso 14001 certified & iso 9001.

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  • Honda Rotery Tiller

    Honda Rotery Tiller

    The New Product is a Power Weeder that is Used to Uproot Weeds in Fruit Gardens, Vegetable Fields & Floriculture. the Weeds Consume Most Nutrients from the Soil Resulting Into Poor Quality of Actual Crops. Honda Rotary Tiller Easily Uproots all Weeds from the Fields Saving the Nutrients in the Soil ...

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  • Honda Genset

    Honda Genset

    Ultra Silent, Portable, Inverter and Ecothrottel Technology Mean Long Life of Appliances save Fuel Cost.

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  • Honda Portable Genset

    Honda Portable Genset

    We Offer Generator. small Portable, Recoil Start, Minimum 650va Maximum 750 Va.

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  • Honda Lawn Mower

    Honda Lawn Mower

    Having taken over the market for its exceptional performance, Honda Lawn Mower is one of the most desirable equipment. It is offered loaded with all the best features such as hassle-free performance, convenient handling, reliable & powerful operations, toughness, etc. It is doled out, wherever ...

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  • Honda Genset-silent Series

    Honda Genset-silent Series

    PORTABLE GENSETS - Silent Series Model Rated Power (VA) Details EXK 1200 1000 VA AC Output, Kerosene Run, Recoil Start EXK 1200s 1000 VA AC Output, Kerosene Run, Key Start EXK 2000 1400 VA ACDC Output, Kerosene Run, Recoil Start EXK 2000s 1400 VA AC Output, Kerosene Run, Key Start EXK 2000AC 1400 ...

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  • Honda Genset-lpg Series

    Honda Genset-lpg Series

    Honda genset manufactured by honda siel power products ltd in india with collabration with honda motors of japan, exported more then 30 countries, an iso9001 and iso 14001 certified company.

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  • Honda Genset-inverter Series

    Honda Genset-inverter Series

    Honda genset manufactured in india by honda siel power products ltd in joint venture with honda motors of japan and exporting more then 37 country and cater 70%market share, very low emmission and portable.

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  • Honda Gense-handy Series

    Honda Gense-handy Series

    We are offering honda gense-handy series. Honda genset manifactured in india by honda siel power products ltd in collabration with honda motor co ltd of japan an iso9001-2000 and iso14001 certified company.

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  • Honda Generator

    Honda Generator

    Whether the power requirement is for recreation, home, and industrial, Honda Generator is deemed to be efficient for all such purposes. It is fuel efficient, super quiet, and compactly designed. What makes us set apart is the fact that we make the Generator available swiftly and safely, wherever ...

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  • Honda Engine  (GXV 390)

    Honda Engine (GXV 390)

    We are entrusted with the task of making available highly efficient Honda Engine  (GXV 390) to any place across the country. We are coming out as the most trusted link between manufacturers and the market of Honda Engine . We are reputed to be among the premier Suppliers of Honda Engine  ...

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  • Honda Engine (GXV 160)

    Honda Engine (GXV 160)

    We are working in full throttle to subdue the demand for Honda Engine (GXV 160) from anywhere across India. We are known as the best Supplier of Honda Engine s in Bhagalpur, Bihar. We divert all our energies to conquer the orders, whether in large quantities, within the stipulated timeframe. And, ...

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  • Honda Engine  (GXH 50)

    Honda Engine (GXH 50)

    When it comes to portability, durability, and efficiency, no other Engine  can beat Honda’s. We are reckoned among the agile Suppliers of Honda Engine  (GXH 50) in Bhagalpur, Bihar. We are backed by a well-established network and all other requisite resources that empower us to ...

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  • Honda Engine  (GX 35)

    Honda Engine (GX 35)

    This advanced version of Honda Engine , we offer, is characterized by many benefits such as durability, portability, easy serviceability, and so on. A powerful motor is embedded in the , which makes it work optimally. We offer the  to the length and breadth of the country in a time-efficient ...

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  • Honda Engine Multipurpose GK200

    Honda Engine Multipurpose GK200

    Multipupose, petrol start and kerosine run, 3600 rpm.

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  • Honda Engine  (GX 25)

    Honda Engine (GX 25)

    We make available high-quality Honda Engine  (GX 25) at inexpensive prices. We are one of the leading Suppliers of Honda Engine  in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Fitted with the latest technology, these Engine  are taking over the market. They are durable, cost effective, and portable. They are ...

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  • Honda Brush Cutter

    Honda Brush Cutter

    Honda Brush Cutters are every bit the durable equipment, which shows off their ergonomic designs. These Cutters are appreciated for delivering high performance throughout their span. And their quality is kept in check by conducting rigorous tests on them. We have carved a niche in the market as the ...

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  • Home Solar Lighting System

    Home Solar Lighting System

    The Home Solar Lighting Systems , we make available, are efficient systems that are reckoned to convert solar energy into electrical energy. These Systems are procured from named vendors and are provided for different locations – home, commercial areas, walkways, etc. They are not only ...

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  • Handy Portable Generator

    Handy Portable Generator

    We are engaged in the supplying of well built handy portable generator. Our handy portable generator is procured from reliable manufacturers and therefore these are highly appreciated by our clients.

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  • Generators


    Kohler power systems a worldwide company 90 years old in generators segment. In india plant is located at aurangabad(maharastra).an iso 9001 certified company and certified by pollution control board of india.

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  • Gas Generator

    Gas Generator

    We are offering kohler gas generator is a 90 years of experiance in this segment. A worldwide company based of usa and in india manufacturing plant is situated at aurangabad.certify by pollution control board of india and certified by iso 9001.range start from 2.5kva to 400kva.

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  • Eu30is


    Honda genset manufactured by honda siel power products in india with joint venture honda motors of japan, an iso9001 and iso14001 certified company, plution free, small sleek, selfstart and can run your airconditioner also.

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  • Drip Irrigation Systems

    Drip Irrigation Systems

    We are offering drip irrigation systems drip irrigation systems gives water to the root of crop directly drop to is very useful for crop like mango, banana, guava and others vegetable saves water approx 80% and give a healthy growth to crop and fruits also.

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  • Cartridge Filter

    Cartridge Filter

    We furnish the market with the finest Cartridge Filters . We are reckoned among the well-known Suppliers of Cartridge Filters in Bhagalpur, Bihar. We succeed in fulfilling the orders for the Filters timely and efficiently; all owes to our operational efficiency to deal with the distribution part of ...

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  • Agricultural Sprinkler

    Agricultural Sprinkler

    We are a trusted name in the industry, serving the customers from our base in bhagalpur(india). Serving the customers with the exceptional range of agricultural sprinkler, we are well-recognized suppliers in the field.

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  • Power Systems

    Kohler power products is a world wide company based in usa and 6 manufacturing facility around the india manufacturing plant is located at iso 9001 and cpcb approved, silent, self start and also aoto on off facility with one year warranty and good after sales ...

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  • CCTV Camera

  • Set Up Box

  • CCTV Camera Cable

  • network cable

  • Power Strip

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