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  • Acid Casein

    Acid casein has a variety of end uses both in the food industry and in industrial (non-food) uses. Food products such as coffee whiteners, cream liqueurs, glazes, low fat spreads, whipped toppings, sausages and yoghurt all contain casein as a food ingredient.

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  • Edible Casein

    Edible acid casein is the milk product obtained by separating, washing and drying the acid-precipitated coagulum of skimmed milk andor of other products obtained from milk. Edible acid casein is highly nutritional, low in fat and cholesterol, and flavorful, making it ideal for medical and ...

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  • industrial casein

    Industrial Grade Casein have good binding properties and are used for the manufacture of paper coatings, match box, adhesives, paints, concrete, textile fabrics and cosmetics.

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  • lactic casein

    Lactic casein is used in pharmaceutical products, food ingredients, and as a binding agent in industrial products such as paint, glue, and paper.

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  • Rennet Casein

    Rennet casein is used in the manufacturing of products. Because of its good dye binding ability and excellent extrusion properties, it is ideal for use in plastics such as buttons, beads, buckles, knitting needles, and high quality plastics for jewelry.

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