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Fenugreek -Methi Beej- Diabetes, Lactation, Breast Enlargement (SH_S005)

Fenugreek -Methi Beej- Diabetes, Lactation, Breast Enlargement (SH_S005)

shivalik fenugreek:-

fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum) has a long history as a breast enlarger and contains diosgenin which is used to make oestrogen. Shivalik fenugreek promotes the growth of new breast cells and increase the size and fullness of the breasts. It is useful for anaemia, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, digestion, hair care, dandruff, stomach disorders, sore throat, diabetes. 

while fenugreek is considered the finest herb for enhancing feminine beauty it also aids in sexual stimulation, balances blood sugar levels. Its ability to balance hormone levels aids in treating pms and menopause. Its antioxidants slow ageing and help prevent disease.

benefits of shivalik fenugreek:

control diabetes: shivalik fenugreek control diabetes and slows down the rate at which sugar is absorbed into blood. 1 capsule twice a day is recommended for controlling blood sugar.

good for breast feeding mothers: india’s traditional ayurvedic physicians prescribe fenugreek to nursing mothers as it increases quality of milk.

reduce menstrual discomfort: fenugreek is considered as a potent menstruation ease promoter and is good in cramps. 

minimize symptoms of menopause: it help to ease out menopause, which otherwise can take a toll on health of women.

reduce cholesterol: fenugreek consumption helps to reduce cholesterol level. 

relieve constipation: fenugreek adds bulk to the stool. So, it is helpful to treat constipation and diarrhoea and also relieves minor indigestion.

good for kidney troubles: traditional chinese medicine advises fenugreek for kidney patients.

it is gmp, halal, haccp, iso 9001:2015, iso 22000:2005 certified company, 100% safe and natural, highest quality ingredients used.

shivalik fenugreek contains pure and concentrated fenugreek.


1-2 capsules an hour before meals, twice a day with water or as directed by physician.

package 60 capsules of 500mg each

product indications:- fenugreek, extract capsules, trigonella foenum graecum, herbal medicine for diabetes, lactation, breast enlargement, stomach, ayurvedic medicines, shivalik methi beej, herbal medicine, herbal capsules.

  • Packaging : Bottle
  • Use : Good For Breast Feeding Mothers
  • Form : Capsules
  • Type : Fenugreek Capsules
  • Features : No Side Effect, No Ammonia
  • Expiry date : 3 Years from date of manufacturing
  • Condition : New
  • Country of Manufacturing : India
  • SKU : SH_S005
  • Certification : ISO 9001:2015, GMP, HALAL, HACCP, ISO 22000:2005 Certified
  • Dosage : 1 Capsule in the Morning and 1 Capsule in the Evening with lukewarm water an hour before the meal or as directed by the physician.

Additional Information:

Delivery Time : 10-12 days

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