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Fly Ash (Bulker)

Fly Ash (Bulker)

We introduce ourselves as a one of the leading fly ash supplier in pune and supply quality fly ash in different packing to different user according to their needs. Our product are cost effecting, create more strength, used as a filler and environment friendly. We regularly doing third party testing of samples (fineness) to achieve the specification required by ISI.

Special Features
Cost effectivenesswork as a lubricantReduce shrinkageHeat resistanceEnvironment friendlyHigher compressive strength over timeEnhancement in the workability of Portland cement concrete when coal fly ash are added
For the entire user like Brick plant ManufacturerR.M.C (Ready mix concrete plant)Builders for slabs and concreting
30 k.g bag50k.g Machine stitch bag1000 k.g Jumbo BagFlyash in Bulker
The reuse of fly ash as an engineering material primarily due to its pozzolanic nature, spherical shape, and relative uniformity. Fly ash recycling, in descending frequency, includes usage in :
Portland cement and groutAs a structural fillWaste stabilizationRaw feed for cement clinkersMine reclamationStabilization of soft soilsRoad subbaseAggregateFlowable fill
The present invention is directed to a fly ash composition, and more particularly, to a fly ash composition which has a reduced susceptibility to alkali-silica reactivity when used in cementitious compositions.

The fly ash composition is preferably added to the cement mixture at the same time as the cement. The concrete mix may also include conventional water reducing agents.

The fly ash composition of the present invention may be used in concrete mixes used to form objects including, but not limited to, concrete masonry units, such as bricks, blocks, and tiles; concrete pipe; prestress concrete; specialty concrete units, such as burial vaults, septic tanks, and prefabricated concrete units. Fly ash use improves concrete performance, making it stronger, more durable, and more resistant to chemical attack.

We supply the material according to Indian standard : IS3812 which is standard so no need to mention specification separately.

Additional Information:

Packaging Details : 30K.G,40 K.G,LOOSE AND IN BULKER

Delivery Time : 3-4 DAYS

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