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Agarwood Essential Oils (SC002)

Agarwood Essential Oils (SC002)

We are offering agarwood essential oils. .
botonical name: aquilaria agallocha
cas #: 8008-79-5
country of origin: assam, india
color & odor: viscous agarwood indian liquid, renious, warm and smocky odour
solubility: soluble in oils. Insoluble in water
specific gravity: 0.9418 � 0.966
optical rotation: ( + 10â° ) - ( + 25â° )
refractive index: 1.507 - 1.515
flash point: 170 â°c
major constituents:
palmitic acid - 12.14
extraction method: steam distillation of the agarwood

agarwood oil is extremely rare & precious oil that originates in north eastern india, bhutan & parts of south east asia. It has a very long history of use in medicines, incense and as aromatic oil. Also known as aloes or aloes wood, there are several species of agarwood, including aquilaria agollocha, a. Malaccensis & a. Crassna.

Common names
oud oil, eagleswood ud, aloeswood oil, kiara.

Blends with:
carnation, geranium, sandalwood & alcohol.

sesquiterpenes, phenyl ethyl chromones,selinene,eudesmene,palmitic acid.

agarwood oil is the most potent aphrodisiac of all the essential oils. An effective tonic, its aphrodisiac & diuretic properties helps in epilepsy. It also has carminative, antimicrobial, and anti-asthmatic properties. Further, it is also useful in digestive, nervous disorders, bronchial complaints, rheumatism, smallpox, illness during & after childbirth, fevers, spasms in the digestive and respiratory systems. It is also used in aromatherapy applications as well as for therapeutic uses in a large number of ayurvedic medicines

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