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Armoise Oil (SC011)

Armoise Oil (SC011)

We are offering armoise oil

botanical name : artemisia vulgaris
common name : wormwood, mugwort
cas # : 8008-93-3, f.e.m.a. # : 3116
plant parts used : leaves and twigs
extraction method : steam distillation
color & odor : pale yellow & camphoraceous and sweet scent, it has strong aroma.

Description :
armoise is shrub-like plant that has hairy, silvery leaves that can be flourished in parched conditions.

Constituents & specifications :
valerianol (22%), beta-eudesmol (17%), gamma-eudesmol (11%), and elemol (10%)
specific gravity : 0.940 - 0.980 @ 72°f
refractive index : 1.498 - 1.526 @ 72°f

properties :
aromise oil has all the active ingredients that work well in the treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, and arthritis.
It also has the anesthetic and insomnia properties

benefits & uses :

armoise essential oil is very efficient in assassination of intestinal worms.
it invigorates digestive system of the body.
armoise essential oil also works well as a local anesthetic for rheumatism, neuralgia, and arthritis.
it also has the anesthetic and insomnia properties
used for painful or delayed maturation cycle
has great healing capacity
used in fragrances in soaps, colognes, perfumery.
it has anesthetic and insomnia properties that make it effective for the treatment of the aforementioned problems.

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