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Neroli Oil (SC081)

Neroli Oil (SC081)

We are offering neroli oil

botanical name : citrus auratium
common name : neroli essential oil, citrus aurantium oil
cas # : 8016-38-4 , f.e.m.a. : 2771
plant parts used : flowers
extraction method : steam distillation
color & odor : coffee brown clear liquid with a powerful but delicate, sweet floral fragrance.

Description :
neroli essential oil is extracted from small, white, waxy flowers of citrus aurantium var. Amara (also known as citrus vulgaris) of rutaceae family. Extracted through steam distillation process.

Constituents & specifications :
neroli oil has various chemical compounds that include methulacetophenone, carotenoids, monoterpenses, sesquiterpenes, alkaoids synerphrine, methyl, methyl tyramines, triterpenoids, ergosterol and stigmasterol.
Specific gravity : 1.00520 to 1.00680 @ 25°c
refractive index : 1.51062 to 1.51100 @ 20°c

properties :
it is anti-depressant, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, anti-bacterial, anti-hypertension, bactericidal, cicatrizant, antiseptic, deodorant, fungicidal, emollient, cytophylactic, hypnotic, tonic, digestive-carminative, hepato-pancreatic, hypnotic and sedative

benefits & uses :

neroli oil is very relaxing & helps in providing relief from chronic anxiety, depression, fear, shock & stress. It also has a calming effect and can be beneficial to digestive track.
it acts like a great nerve tonic, uplifting and easing the mind, restoring ones energy, supreme skincare ingredient.
it is used to scent candles; freshen potpourri; in soap making; massage oils; bath oil and as a perfume body oil.

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