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uv coating

uv coating

UV coating cures and is chemically crosslinked. This provides for a coating film which has much higher chemical resistance than the waterborne. For example: you can actually wipe our cured coating many times with either Acetone or MEK (both very strong solvents) and the result will be that you will clean the coating but see absolutely no change in the gloss or corrosion resistance of the coating. If you try this with waterborne or solvent based coatings you will remove or severely degredate the film to the point where you have no corrosion resistance at all.

UV coating is 100% solids. This allows for more exacting film thickness application and control. Everything which is applied to the tube stays on the tube at whatever film thickness you desire. The waterborne and sovent based coatings can be low solids which means in order to apply a desire film thickness, you must apply many times your desired film thickness and then force the volatiles out of the coating to come back down to an approximate film thickness.

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