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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Paper Chemicals and KLENZOL - AWR

Paper Chemicals

  • Type Paper Finishing Chemical
  • Feature Non Dangerous
  • Application Laboratory, Industrial
  • Physical State Liquid
  • Grade Standard Bio-Tech Grade, Technical Grade, Reagent Grade
  • Character High quality

Sivira Organiks offers a wide range of Paper Chemicals . We are one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of Paper Chemicals. Our wide range of paper chemicals comprise all the chemicals that are used and required at different stages of manufacturing and processing. We facilitate paper manufacturers with the high quality chemicals which help them to optimize the cost and quality of production. Paper chemicals offered by us are best to improve texture and strength of finished papers.

  • K - SIVI PEP 6400 Bath additives based on EO/PO copolymer. It is non-ionic, moderately low foam wetting agent, used as wetting agent in every step of processing of pulp to paper.
    K - SIVI PEP 200G Quarternized product based on Stearamide. Used in Pulp bath as strength improver.
    K - SIVI PEP 1200T Non-ionic surfactant based on triglyceride alkoxylate derivative. Used in pulp bath as strength improver.
    K - SIVI PEP 500A Non-ionic surfactant based on alkyl aryl derivative. Used in pulp bath as strength improver.
    K - SIVI DSP Anionic dispersant and stabilizer.
    K - SIVI PEP 2100D Effective de-foamer for use in brown stock washing systems, which provides enhanced pulp washing and improved black liquor recovery. Specifically designed for use in black liquors in kraft pulp mills.
    K - SIVI PEP 6100L Bath additives based on EO/PO co-polymer. It is a non-ionic surfactant which acts as an antifoam. Used in antifoam additive in the processing of pulp.
    K - SIVI PEP DKL De-inking additive, with strong detergency and froth formation enabling removal of ink particles from pulp.
    K - SIVI PEP 7000D De-inking additive, with strong detergency and froth formation enabling removal of ink particles from pulp.
    BIOKLENZ - PEP800 De-inking enzyme based on cellulose.
    K - SIVI PEP GCB Sizing chemical based on polyoxyethylene derivative.
    K - SIVI PEP AG A Non-ionic bleaching aid used in pulp bleaching bath, along with silicates. Helps in improving the whitening index of the pulp.
    K - SIVI PEP CK A non-silicate peroxide stabilizer used in alkaline H2O2 bleaching.
    K - SIVI PEP AM An effective antimicrobial agent for the control of slime-forming bacteria, algi and fungi in pulp and paper mill systems.
    K - SIVI PEP AF An auxiliary to aid better sheet making by dispersion of the fibers. Reduces thickness on the cylinder. Gives soft handle to the paper. Reduces dust and fluff on the paper machine.
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  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1000kg Barrel(s)
  • Clear liquid

KLENZOL - AWR is an an-ionic low foam wetting agent with excellent scouring and de-greasing properties. Stable towards high acid and alkalies also hard water. On application provides excellent wetting and re-wetting of Cotton yarn and fabrics. APEO/NPEO free and eco-friendly.

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Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T

Packaging Details : KLENZOL - AWR comes in 50kg/ 100kg and 200kg blue virgin plastic barrels.

Delivery Time : 7 days

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