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Anti Decubitus Air bed Mattress

Anti Decubitus Air bed Mattress

Air bed Mattress for bedridden patients. It has an air pump which provides sequential inflation and deflation of the air cells throughout the mattress forming an air channel up and down in the mattress to redistribute pressure.This helps prevent bedsores and lesions for someone who is in bed for longer duration. The airbed mattress can be placed on top of an existing mattress. It is light weight, portable and easy for transportation.


Features – MM1 :

* Pump alternately inflates and deflates air cells  Variable pressure setting for added patient comfort

* Pump can be mounted on the bed with built-in bracket

* Pad includes flaps that wrap around mattress for better stability

* Does not contain latex .


Technical Specifications


Mattress Design - Bubble pad with end flaps

Material -  PVC, Low Toxic
Colour - Beige 
Thickness - 0.30mm
Size (L X W X H) - 280cm X 90cm X 6.5cm (actual without inflation)
Number of cells - 130 
Weight - 2 kg

Puncture Repair Kit Included


Pump Size -  24cm X 12 cm X 9.5cm

Power - 220V / 50 Hz
Pressure Range - 45 – 110 mm/Hg
Air Output - 5 Ltr /min
Cycle Time - Every 12 minutes
Power Cord length -  1.8m
Weight - 0.93 kg
Power Consumption -  7W
Operating Sound in decibels -  

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