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Sns Starch Limited

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Maize Starch Powder

Maize Starch Powder

Maize Starch Powder from SNS Starch comes from the state of the art facility set up as a Green Field project recently.

The machinery and equipment installed are state of the art and fully integrated for the conduct of automated processes. Utilizing Process Logic control system uniform production parameters is assured. The 12 stage washing system employed helps maintain low protein in starch which in turn gives improved whiteness. Also the SO2 content is maintained at less than 40 ppm and the particle size smaller utilizing advanced grinding techniques.

SNS Starch went on stream in July 2012 and has created a significant presence across the markets in India. SNS starch has made inroads into Adhesive, Textile Sizing, Paper and Food industries. Amongst the major customers SNS has successfully entered are ITC Foods, ITC Paper, Britannia industries, EICL and BILT.

SNS Starch has stepped into Export Markets and has loyal customers in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Egypt and Middle East. The company is  poised to serve export markets directly by offering value in terms of price, quality and service. We can offer variants for Industrial applications and food/Pharma applications as well. 
Maize Starch Powder Variants :

  • Corn Starch Powder - Industrial Grade
  • Corn Starch Powder - Food Grade
  • Corn Starch Powder - Pharma-grade

Packing Options :

  • 50 kilo PP bags
  • 25 Kilo PP bags
  • 25 Kilo Paper Bags
  • 850 Kilo Jumbo Bags

Additional Information:

Delivery Time : 15 Days from firm Order

Food Grade Maize Starch Powder

Moisture % by mass12.5 Max
Total Ash % by mass0.20 Max
Viscosity by Redwood Visco Meter31-33
Acid Insoluble Ash % on Dry Basis0.10 Max.
Starch % on Dry Basis98.00 Min.
Protein % (N x 6.25) on Dry Basis0.40 Max.
Fiber %0.02
Fat %0.1
pH5.00 to 7.00
SO250 PPM Max.
Alcoholic Acidity with 90% Alcohol, % by mass0.025 Max.
Arsenic mg/kg1.1 Max.
Lead mg/kg2.5 Max.
Copper mg/kg30.00 Max.
Zinc mg/kg50.00 Max.
Tin mg/kg250 Max.
Mercury mg/kg1.0 Max.
Cadmium mg/kg1.5 Max.
Sulphated AshNot more than 0.60%
Loss on DryingNot more than 15.00%
Particle Size - % Pass thru 100 Mesh Sieve99.5
Cold Water Solubility2% Max.
Microbial Specification :
  • Total Viable Aerobic Count : 1000 cfu/g
  • Escherichia Coli : Absent
  • Salmonellae : Absent

Maize Starch Powder Standard Specifications

Moisture %< 13.0
Protein % - Dry Basis0.4
Viscosity by Redwood Visco Meter31-33
Fiber %0.02
Fat %0.1
Ash %0.1
Sulphur Dioxide - PPM50 Max.
Iron - PPM1
pH5.8 - 6.8
Particle Size - % Pass thru 100 Mesh Sieve99.5
ColourWhite to Light Pale Yellow
Total Bacterial count1000 cfu/G
Yeast & Mold100 cfu/G
E-ColiAbsent - cfu/25G
Cold Water Solubility2% Max.

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