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Solar powered LED Aviation Obstruction Light

Solar powered LED Aviation Obstruction Light

We have Solar powered aviation obstruction light :

spaceage solar powered aviation obstruction light is reliable self contained air traffic warning light system . The battery, charges and panel are on a same platform that can be mounted on top of the tower. Due to such an arrangement, there is no need for external wiring. Also, since all these components are mounted on top of the tower, it improves the safety of equipment (as opposed to having battery box at the base of the tower).

we also have version with battery and charger in a separate box that can be mounted at the base of tower or kept inside a shelter.

spaceage’s sssl-s01 lights combine ultra high components and expert design to give an optimized system performance. This reduces the battery requirement to give extended usage while using low wattage batteries.

features :-

(a) solar powered with autonomy up to 4 days.
(b) 360º horizontal uniform illumination.
(c) long life led technology.
(d) optimised battery charging through controller for long life of battery.
(e) protection against deep-discharging.
(f) protection against over-charging.
(g) easy and fast installation.
(h) charger, battery and panel can be mounted on top of tower or battery & charger can be extended to the base of the tower.
(i) built for harsh environment.
(j) very low maintenance.
(k) very easy installation.

special features of the light :-

(1) each light consists of 100 surface mounted bright high powered leds, sourced from reliable and reputed sources.
(2) the led’s are mounted on special base that places the leds in absolutely uniform arrangement. (as demonstrated subsequently) such an arrangement ensures uniform lighting as required by icao standards
(3) our unique design features ensures no additional lens or filter is required. This reduces any losses that are usually associated with lens etc. Hence the light consumes less energy for a brighter output
(4) since the energy is not trapped by lens etc., the led’s remain cool, ensuring longer and brighter life.
(5) thermal dissipation features are specially cast into the base. So, any heat that is generated, is transmitted quickly to base by conduction and not by convection (which is far slow) since the base is connected to tower, it ensures that the led’s remain cool.
(6) body base is made from aluminum with bright orange powder coating or as per specs
(7) totally sealed from moisture and dust.
(8) silicon based permanent seals are used that are durable and absorbs the expansion of material in hot weather (due to different co-efficient of expansion of glass and aluminum).

mounting arrangement :-

--> option-1 :

(a) battery, charger and solar panel on a single mountable platform
(b) can be mounted on any size of angular member of tower
(c) option to adjust the panel vertically and horizontally
(d) wiring required – only from charging panel to light (couple of meters only)
(e) arrangement certified for 200kmhr winds
(f) no component at base of the tower

--> option-2 :-

(a) light and solar panel on top of tower and battery boxcharger in a separate box for bottom of tower

input voltage protection :-

leds are known to be very sensitive to input voltage. A change of even 0.1 v to the led can effect the performance. If the voltage is low even marginally, the intensity of light reduces exponentially. If continuous over voltage is applied the led turns yellow and then brown with drastic reduction in emitted light. Our smps ensures uniform voltage to led’s even under varying battery voltage.

  • Autonomy (No. of nights light will work without sunlight during day) : 4 Days
  • Charge Controller Overcharge Protection : Yes
  • Low Voltage Cut-off : Yes
  • Solar Module (Power) : 5 Watt (10W for locations with inadequate solar light)
  • Light Spread : 360 Degree
  • No. of LEDs : 100
  • Battery Mounting : Top of tower, with the panel
  • Light Intensity : 10cd (Type A)
  • Light Intensity v/s Battery Voltage : Constant for varying battery voltages
  • Ventilation : Natural Draft
  • Battery Type : Sealed Maintenance Free
  • Battery Capacity : 7 AH, 12V
  • Power Consumption : Approx. 2.5 Watt
  • Battery Ventilation : Natural Draft
  • System Voltage : 12V DC

Additional Information:

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Packaging Details : Bulk / Retail

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