Sripad Gaushaala (PanchGavya Chikitsa Centre)

Sripad Gaushaala (PanchGavya Chikitsa Centre)

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Desi Cow Milk

Desi Cow Milk

Most of us are not aware of the fact that there is huge difference between milk from cows of Foreign Origin (Such AsJersey} and milk from cows of Indian origin (Such as Gir) While Milk of Indian cows can be boon to your health, whereas Jersey Cow milk can be exactly opposite. A scientihc research done recently proves this. Cow milk contains two types of proteins A-1 and A-2. While A-2 type of protein is extremely benehcial to health, A-1 type of protein if taken for a prolonged duration can be harmful for human beings.

Details :

  • Milk of Indian origin [Desi) Cows contains A-2 type proteins and moreover their milk contains important elements which helps keep up fitness and vitality, helps in brain developement and very useful in Hghtirig dreadful diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  • There is a research that shows by drinking A1(such as Jersey, Holstein) Cow's rniik, which are predominant cows used for dairy products in India, you’re exposed to BCM-7(beta-casomorphin), which has been linked to Neurological impairment, Type-1 diabetes, Heart disease. BCM-7 is NOT present in DESI Cow's (A2)Milk thus eliminating possibility of these conditions.

  • Color : White
  • Purity : 100.00%
  • Packing Material : Packed in Plastic Bottles

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