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Acid Dyes

We offer a complete product range of Ponceau 4r, acid milling dyes, Metal-complex Dyes and Patent Blue V (42051)

Ponceau 4r

  • Food Colour No. Red 7
  • Dye Content (% Min.) 12%

STANDARDCON IS is specialised in manufacturing aluminium lakes of food colours to serve growing needs of FOOD, DRUGS and COSMETIC industries. we have well equipped modern laboratory for quality control of lake colours and its raw materials. This helps in meeting specific requirements of customer. Drugs & Cosmetics, dessert toppings, jelly, salami, seafood dressings, tinned strawberries and fruit pie fillings and packeted cake mixes, cheesecakes, soups and trifles.

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acid milling dyes

  • Molecular Weight 59.07
  • Molecular Formula C2H5NO
  • Chemical Name Acetamide

Acid Dyes are used for dyeing protein fibers. The main protein fibers used for which acid dyes are used are wool, angora, cashmere and silk. Apart these, milk protein fibres like Silk Latte, Soya Protein etc., can also be used. It has a scary sound to some novices that seems to be due to strong caustic soda. But, in reality these dyes are non-caustic acids and in some cases, these are also non-toxics also. In fact in some cases mild acids like vinegar are used in the dyeing process. Some such mild acids are more toxic than the fiber reactive dyes and some are less toxic and even safer to eat.

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Metal-complex Dyes

  • Wash Fastness Good,Very Good
  • pH Range 2, 6-7
  • Levelling Ability Good ,Poor

Metal-complex dyes that are otherwise known as pre-metallized dyes shows great affinity towards protein fibers. Generally it has been seen that metal complex dyes are Chromium or Cobalt complexes. Among the popular metal-complex dyes, a variety known as 1:2 metal-complex dyes finds application for dyeing polyamide fibers. For dyeing wool, metal complex dyes are the most favoured. The following table shows a comparison between 1:1 metal-complex and 1:2 metal complex dye.

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Patent Blue V (42051)

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