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Dyeing Machine

We offer the best product range of Jet Dyeing Machine, dyeing jigger machine and beam dyeing machine.

Jet Dyeing Machine

  • temperature 1000oC.

Overflows Dyeing Machines are designed for use in delicate knitted and woven fabrics that are made up of natural as well as synthetic fibers. They are also extensively used in the production of carpets. The main difference between jet and overflows machines is that in jet machines the fabric gets transported by a bath that flows at high speed through the nozzle, while in Overflow Dyeing Machine it is the gravitational force of the liquor overflow that is responsible for fabric transportation.

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dyeing jigger machine

  • temperature 1000

A Jig Dyeing machine, is an efficient dyeing technique. It is also known by the name of jigger. Jig Dyeing machine processes fabrics in open width to avoid creasing problems in fabric dyeing. The process works like this. The Jig Dyeing machine operates by transferring the fabric back and forth. This happens from roller to roller via the medium of a dyebath, that is located at the base of the machine. As soon as the second roller gets full, the direction of movement of fabric can be reversed. In Jig dyeing, the duration of the process is measured on the basis of the number of passages or ends of the fabric passing through the dye bath from roller to roller. The end in dyeing parlance is known as the passing of fabric through a dye liquor from one roller to the other one.

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beam dyeing machine

  • Loading Cap 100 kg
  • Electric wattage 22Kw
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 5kgf/cm2g
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 158°C

The beam dyeing machine operates with the same principle as that of package dyeing machine. It can be effectively used to dye yarn or fabric. The process works like this, fabric or yarn in open width is rolled on to a perforated beam. The beam then subsequently slid into a vessel that is closed and pressurized. The colour impregnates the fabric as the dye liquor is allowed to go on circulating through the perforations in the beam. Usually the beam machines are designed in such a manner so as to hold a single beam or multiple beams in a batch.

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