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Solvent Dyes

Our product range comtains a wide range of smoke dyes, petroleum dyes and solvent soluble dyes

smoke dyes

Have you ever wondered about the zooming Aircrafts over your head that releases the colourful smokes in various hues and colours. What gives the smoke such colours? Working behind the scene is the smoke dyes. The Smoke dyes are homogeneous mixtures of azo and anthraquinone dyes. They are available in liquid or powder form and are available in a variety of hues and colours. An example can be given of the Orange smoke compositions. They are basically a 50:50 mixtures of azo dyes and reactants. Reactions take place at a relatively low temperature, leaving the dye to melt and on expelled by hot gases used as coloured smoke. On thing must be mentioned here that because of the sensitive use of the smoke dyes it should be low hazard. Smoke dyes that are used must pass through some strict guidelines.

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petroleum dyes

Fuel dyes are the dyes that are added to the fuels. In some nations specially European it is mandatory to dye a low-tax fuel. This helps in checking its use in applications that are intended for higher-taxed ones. While the untaxed fuels are known as "dyed", those that are taxed are typically referred as "clear". To give an example, in U.K. the "red diesel", gas oil applied for heating purposes is inexpensive than the heavier-taxed diesel fuel, but it has a different fraction, and comes with more sulphur content. Therefore using it in diesel engines is a damaging proposition both environmentally and financially, as less money to the tax collectors. That is the reason authorities want to deter it at any cost and addition of Fuel dye is one of the methods to stop such malpractice. Obviously, the dyes that are used must be soluble in hydrocarbon-based nonpolar solvents i.e. effectively a solvent dye. A popular variety is the red dye, a variety of diazo dyes. Types of red dyes include Solvent Red 19, Solvent Red 24, etc. While Anthraquinone dyes are used to give green and blue shades, it includes Solvent Green 33, Solvent Blue 35 and lastly Solvent Blue 26.

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solvent soluble dyes

Solvent dyes are the class of dyes that gets soluble in the solvents of organic nature. They are generally introduced in the organic solvent as a solution. As a general tendency the solvent dyes do not ionise. Many of the solvent dyes are typically the Azo dyes that has in fact lost the ability for ionising due to change in their molecular arrangement. But in the process they gained the ability to get dissolved in non-polar materials like triglycerides. Because of this the solvent dyes are also called lysochrome dyes. The Solvent dyes are specifically recognised as dyes of the stated colour, whose method of staining is by dissolving. Some of the popular Solvent Dyes are Solvent Red 26, Solvent Red 24, Solvent Red 164 etc. It is pertinent here that the names of the solvent dyes follows the generic pattern of the scheme, like solvent "color" "number".

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