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Clean Air System

Clean Air System

We provide our clients with technologically advanced Clean Air Systems that are widely used to stop contaminations like Paper Chad, Ozone, Odors, Static Electricity, Chemicals, Dirt & many others. Constructed using thick welded aluminum with stainless steel hardware, the Clean Air Systems offered by us have carved niche for themselves in the market. Equipped with unique Source Capture Technology, the Clean Air System offered by us uses, customized plenum boxes, hoods and web-sweep pickup heads to contain toxic substances. The unique design of our Clean Air System has fitted locking caster that ensures flexibility in location with minimal floor space utilization. Available with different filters to meet specific requirement of application, our Clean Air Systems have been termed as the best filtration system available in the market. They are even equipped with specific blowers that are engineered to offer negative static pressure, air volume and air velocity.

Advantages : For Equipment :
  • Maximizes uptime and production for hardware
  • Controls wear and tear on drums
  • Improves the quality of print and image
  • Reduces click charges & costly reruns
  • Minimizes contaminants in entire output process
  • Cleans paper dust and chad
  • Reduces toner contamination
  • Keeps hardware exteriors and components cleaner
  • Optimizes data integrity & performance
  • Controls waste of consumables
  • Increases your profits and improves performance
  • Reduces maintenance cost & housekeeping
For Staff / Personnel :
  • Recognition of investment by personnel
  • Boosted morale, improved productivity and efficient performance
  • Less work fatigue and absenteeism among employees
  • Low respiratory problems and allergies
  • Maintenance of a cleaner printing and processing center
  • Eliminates "closed building syndrome" contamination
  • Lowers Eye irritation
Can Capture contamination Like :
  • Ozone
  • Odors
  • Static Electricity
  • Chemicals
  • Paper Dust
  • Toner
  • Paper Chad
  • Dirt & More
Widely Used In :
  • Binders & L-Bar Sealers
  • Inserting Equipment
  • Paper Shredders
  • High Speed Laser Printers
  • Roll Feeders & Box Feeders
  • Document & Item Sorters
  • Post Processing Equipment

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