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Medical Waste Disposal System (Medical Waste Dispos)

Medical Waste Disposal System (Medical Waste Dispos)

We manufacture Medical Waste Disposal System, which is environmental friendly medical waste treatment equipment. Medical waste has to be treated in a logistical system, separated from other waste. For this purpose, we provide high-grade solution in the form of Bio-Medical Waste Disposal System that functions through microwave technology. The international standards and quality of services provided by our products helps us to be the leaders among the major Ozonator Medical Waste Disposal System Suppliers.

Features :-
  • International standards
  • Safe processing of hazardous bio-medical waste
  • Environment Friendly
  • Equipped with Latest Technology
Widely Used In :-
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Clinics
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
Methods of Treatment of Bio-Medical Waste :-

There are various methods of treatment of bio-medical waste. They are Autoclaves, Hydroclaves, incinerators and microwave technology. Autoclaves and hydroclaves have limited applications and the major methods are through incinerators and microwave technology. Incinerators, though a common method of bio medical waste treatment is slowly phasing out in application because of certain limitations and the emerging and modern method is through microwave technology.

Limitations of Incinerators :-
  • It cannot be used for disposal of plastic waste as exposure of plastic waste to incinerators generates dioxin, which is highly hazardous to human health.
  • There will be harmful air emissions.
  • The hospital waste requires a very high temperature for disinfection through incinerators and hence the wear and tear and the maintenance cost are high.
  • As it emits hazardous smoke, it cannot be installed and operated in thickly populated cities and towns.
  • Chlorinated plastics cannot be incinerated.
  • Double and triple handling of waste is required before incineration.
  • Difficulty in transportation of infectious waste to the site of incinerators as the new enactment has banned the use of incinerators in hospital with population more than 5 lakhs in cities and towns and the site has to be located around 40 Kms from the main city or towns. As the cities and towns are expanding at a great pace horizontally, the sites has to be re-located at regular intervals.
Microwave Technology :-

Today a health care provider has many choices for the safe disposal of infectious medical waste. With the rise and fall of disposal costs, the rewriting of environmental rules and the growth and downsizing of health care facilities, one method has emerged as the clean winner: the Microwave Disinfection System.

Salient Features :-
  • Limited Labor Force-Automation in microwave technology has slashed the labor hours required to process infectious waste by as much as 60% compared with any other on-site treatment method. Once the worker has pushed a cart of waste into place, the equipment does the rest.
  • Safety-Other methods of waste treatment requires double and triple handling of red bags (infectious waste) and accounts for 75% needle-stick injuries. The automated Microwave technology drastically cuts the opportunity for needle sticks; the result, no labor loss hours and lower workers compensation and health insurance cost.
  • Consumables and spare parts-Other methods of treatment has heavy hidden cost, requiring special bags, chemicals etc, whereas the microwave technology engineer with off-the-shelf components is cheap and has no hidden cost.
  • Disposal-The volume of end product waste is reduced by around 80% without increase in weight, common in alternate methods, on treatment under microwave technology.
  • Environmental Compliance-Microwave technology eliminates the unpredictable cost of keeping up with evolving environmental regulations.
  • Environment Solution-Under microwave technology, there is no liquid effluent and no hazardous air emissions. The process turns infectious waste into unrecognizable material that is safer than typical municipal solid waste.
  • Convenient method-The equipment under microwave technology could be installed indoors or outdoors and requires only a simple electrical and water hook-up.
  • Reliability-In recent times, the Microwave Technology has become the first alternative technology and has been accepted widely by the commercial waste disposal industry.
Concept :-

Microwave disinfection system renders infectious medical waste safe for disposal as municipal solid waste through a process that combines advanced shredding technology with conventional microwaves. The technology has achieved consistently high level of disinfection without harmful air emissions or liquid discharges of any kind. The system employs a lift/charging system that tips the waste into a hopper at the top of the unit. Before opening, the air from the hopper area is treated with high temperature steam, and then extracted through a multi-staged filtration system. Waste material in the hopper is broken down by a rotating feed arm, that grounds into small particles by a shredder. Shredded particles are automatically conveyed into the treatment chamber by a screw conveyor where each piece of waste is subjected first to steam, to moisten the waste to remove cold spots, then heated by microwave generators between 95 degree and 100 degree C, exposed for a duration of 30 minutes. The second shredding takes place reducing the volume of waste to 80% before being transported to a waste receptacle for disposal. Conclusion :- Microwave Technology has been recognized and approved as the only alternate method to conventional systems and the demand on this safe and latest technology is ever increasing. Microwave technology is a front-runner on the race to discover the safest methods available for the disposal of medical waste.

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