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We offer a complete product range of Crystal Quartz Angels, Chakra Conical Pyramid Set, Dalmatian Jasper Reiki Towers and Rose Quartz Handmade Stars

Crystal Quartz Angels

These are beautiful Clear Quartz Angels. This Clear Quartz has been hand-cut and polished into the shape of an Angel with wings. The beautiful shape and the wonderful vibration of the crystal make these powerful energy tools. Many energy workers report finding a greater connection to their Angels and Guides. The Clear Quartz Angels can help to amplify any prayers and intent that you wish to send to your Angels when asking for guidance or support on an issue. Extremely popular metaphysically, Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain. Clear Quartz has been shown to enhance and strengthen the aura. As gifts from our Mother Earth, Clear Quartz comes to us with information for the higher self to assimilate in the process of one’s spiritual growth. Clear Quartz is often used to cleanse, open, activate, and align all of the chakras. Since Clear Quartz absorbs energies very easily, it is important to clear these stones on a regular basis.

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Chakra Conical Pyramid Set

  • Size 20 – 25 mm
  • Weight 10 Gms

Chakra is an old Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ and is generally used to reference specific energy centers along the body’s meridian. Generally there are seven chakra points although some systems include one or two extra points. The  First Chakra , located between the genitals and the anus, is considered the root chakra, and is associated with the connection to Earth, security, foundation, and basic rootedness. It is also sometimes considered a place of potentiality and beginnings. The  Second Chakra , also known as the sacral chakra, is located at the groin, and is associated with sexuality, partnership (both non-romantic and romantic), and creativity. In some ways it can be thought of in terms of the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol, where you have both the masculine and the feminine energies partnering together to form a whole. The  Third Chakra  is located at the solar plexus, and is essentially the will center. This is the place where we move our will out onto the world in order to manifest those things we are trying to create in our lives. The  Fourth Chakra  is located at the heart and is related to love. In some systems, the heart is considered to have two sides, the masculine and the feminine. The masculine side (right) is about unconditional love of others, and the feminine side (left) is about unconditional love of self. The  Fifth Chakra  is located at the throat, and is about communication and the voice. This is the place of not only communication of ideas, concepts, and overall expression, but also of speaking your personal truth. The  Sixth Chakra  is located at the position of the third eye, and is related to sight, but also to time. This chakra is often associated with psychic abilities of various types. The  Seventh Chakra  is the crown chakra, located at the top of the head, and is associated with the connection to heaven and consciousness.

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Dalmatian Jasper Reiki Towers

  • Size 3.5” – 5”
  • Weight 85Gms
  • Gemstone Dalmatian

Dalmatian Jasper reconnects us with our playful nature, it balances Yin and Yang and aligns the  Physical , Emotional and Mental bodies with the etheric realm. It is helpful in overcoming  depression , nightmares and negative thinking.

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Rose Quartz Handmade Stars

  • Gemstone Rose Quartz
  • Size 50 – 60mm
  • Weight 50 Gms

Light red, or Pink Rose Quartz brings the  energy  rays of determination, commitment, and caring. Its soothing  color  calms feelings of anger or resentment, and can aid efforts to meditate and reflect. Pink is the  color  of new love, new romance and new relationships.

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