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M Type Metallic Yarn

M Type Metallic Yarn

The company is a premium Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of M Type Metallic Yarn. M Type Metallic Yarn is a flat film yarn (unsupported) which is extensively used in weaving, making ribbons, woven labels, fancy yarns, etc. Besides, we pack these M Type Metallic Yarn using high-grade packaging materials facilitating delivery of the orders in safe and sound manner.


Thickness Micron Width Inch Length(Meter Per Kg)x1000Composition
121/32"73676580 PE 100%
251/32"373635 PE 100%
301/32" 35
1/69" 70
1/100" 105
381/32"252423 30
1/100"7472 89

Key to abbreviation : PE = Polyester

  • 100 gram on bobbin (Bobbin size Dia.54mm X Height 63mm)
  • 160 gram on bobbin (Bobbin size Dia.70mm X Height 64mm)
  • 300 gram on bobbin (Bobbin size Dia.83mm X Height 98mm)

  • 12 MICRON : 50GAUGE
  • 25 MICRON : 100GAUGE
  • 30 MICRON : 120GAUGE
  • 38 MICRON : 150GAUGE

  • 1/69"(inch) : 0.37mm
  • 1/32"(inch) : 0.79mm
  • 1/92"(inch) : 0.27mm
  • 1/100"(inch) : 0.25mm
  • 1/110"(inch) : 0.23mm
  • 1/127"(inch) : 0.20mm

Technical Data

TestsTest ConditionsResults
Laundry40°C, 20min., Household laundry
Chemical Cleaning25°C, 30min., Perchlorethylene
25°C, 30min., Tetracholoroethylene
25°C, 30min., Petroleum Benzine
Ironing135°C, 15sec.
Hot water80°C, 30min.
Steam100°C, 30min., for silver.
70°C, 40min., for gold & all colours.
Dry heating180°C, 60sec.
Scouring for nylon, polyester, rayon, acetate & cottonSoap 0.5gr/liter, Soda Ash 0.5gr/loter, 80°C, 30min.×
Souring for woolMonogen 5gr/liter, 60°C, 30min.
Overdyeing wool, nylon & acetateAcetic Acid 0.5gr/liter, 80°C, 30min.
Bleachingsodium Hydrosulfite 2gr/liter, 80°C, 60min.×
Soda Ash 0.5gr/liter, 80°C, 60min.
ph9 30% Hydrogen Peroxide 40gr/liter, 70°C, 60min.
ph9 10% Sodium Hydrochlorite 40gr/liter, 70°C, 60min.×
Finishingph9 Sodium Carbonate 95°C, 60min.
Mongen 5gr/liter, Oxalic Acid 10gr/liter Acetic Acid 10gr/liter, 45°C, 20min.
Caustic Soda28Be 21°C, 60sec.×

  • Above figures are not guaranteed specifications but tested data by our laboratory.
  • Avoid all procedures in acidic and alkalic enviroments even if trials give acceptable result.
  • Sumilon supplies special yarns for special application.
  • Due to the peculiarity of metallic yarn, we suggest that all these data to be carefully examined before your actual production.

Regular M Type - Color Chart

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