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We are offering miswak. A miswak, or siwak, is a natural tooth-stick made from a twig of a tree. Typically made from peelu tree. It is used to clean the teeth, and holds an important place in islam. The reason for this is that our blessed and beloved prophet ﷺ, along with all the other prophets (ala nabiyyina wa alayhim as-salat wa as-salam), used it regularly, and strongly advised his followers to do the same. Unfortunately! today, most perhaps this beautiful sunnah of using miswak is almost a 'forgotten' sunnah (may allah forbid). Whereas, this is definitely one of the most favourable and easiest sunnah of all. Instead, we embarrassed to practise it in public. May allah give us better understanding. Here we present some of the sacred traditions of the beloved prophet ﷺ on the excellence and benefits of using miswak.

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