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Rubber Sheet

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Nitrile Rubber Sheet, Insertion Rubber Sheet, Natural Rubber Sheet, Sbr Rubber Sheet and Epdm Rubber Sheet.

Nitrile Rubber Sheet

As a multi-purpose rubber sheet, Nitrile Rubber Sheets (or NBR) provide high resistance and widely recommended when dealing with petroleum products. Features: Like other rubber sheets, Nitrile Rubber Sheets too are extremely versatile and feature-rich. Usually a blended black rubber sheet, they also come in a white tone. They have very good resistance to natural grease and synthetic products and hence recommended for use in areas that deploy petroleum products. Often such sheeting is specially formulated to prevent an oil attack. This is primarily because its mechanical properties remain intact even when they come in direct contact with oils and grease. Besides withstanding petroleum products, Nitrile Rubber Sheeting is also specifically created to withstand contact with other industrial oils, hydrocarbons and extremely high temperatures. However, it is suitable for use with alcohols, mineral oils, hydraulic fluids, animal and vegetable fats. In addition, being a polar rubber, it is not recommended for use with polar liquids like ketones, ethers and amines. Nitrile Rubber Sheet is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 Mtr x 2 Mtr to as large as the Client may demand. Its thickness is in the range of 2mm to 50mm and has a fabric impression on one side. Application: Given its robustness, Nitrile Rubber Sheets are used as sealing agents, in pads and gasket applications. This is mainly where either organic or industrial oils are found to be. It is because of its excellent abrasion resistant qualities that it is widely used in industrial oil and gas production facilities, commercial food processing plants, and automotive related applications. Other applications include manufacturing of seals, to mark food grades and in various processes of the health industry. In industrial environments grease is a painstaking issue. Under such environments, Nitrile Rubber Sheet becomes the best suited option. This is so because it produces coatings and seals for points that need to withstand peak temperatures. This ensures durability even when conditions are very harsh. Therefore, it is also an excellent gasketing material, and it is used extensively in o-rings and washers. However, it is not recommended for applications that will expose it to either sunlight or rough weather.  

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Insertion Rubber Sheet

Rubber Insertion Jointing for air &  water pressure    Application:  Used between flanges and similar joints subjected to water, steam & air pressure.   Composition:  Natural/synthetic/blend rubber is used in manufacturing of sheet rubber jointing and rubber insertion jointing free from surface defects, porosity and grit.   Fabric Reinforcement:   The reinforcement fabric used for rubber insertion jointing having minimum breaking load of 120N/cm (approx. 12kgf/cm.) for both warp and weft direction.

  • Thickness
    in (mm)
    Tolerance on
    Thickness (mm)
    No. of Plies
    0.8 ± 0.2 1
    1.5 ± 0.2 1
    3.0 ± 0.3 2
    5.0 ± 0.5 2
    6.0 ± 0.6 3
    8.0 ± 0.7 4

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Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural Rubber Sheet Natural Rubber Sheets (NR) are manufactured using Natural Polymer called RSS (Ribbed Smoke Sheets) which are produced from coagulation of liquid milk called latex. Latex is derived from the rubber plant and combined with some chemicals like ammonium aluminate. India, in particular the South is known for rubber production on a large-scale, given the apt climatic conditions, especially at Kottayam (Kerala). Features: Natural Rubber has the innate ability to withstand repeated steam and dry heat sterilization. This widely known property of rubber makes it the right fit for electrical insulation. In addition, it is differentially permeable to various gases and operates smoothly at temperatures from -80 to 200 deg. In terms of resistance, it maintains its structure when exposed to Ozone, oxidation, U.V light, corona discharge and cosmic radiation. This opens up avenues for across various platforms. However, it is affected by oils, fats, fuels and oxidizing acids. In terms of its physical properties, high elongation, fair tensile strength, smooth and glossy finish are its most potential highlights. Hence, it offers a good mix of physical and mechanical properties alike. Natural Rubber Sheets can be made available in a variety of colors such as blue, red, black etc. Size and thickness can be chose from our rich option palette. Natural Rubber Sheets can be made available in a variety of colors such as blue, red, black etc. Size and thickness can be chose from our rich option palette. Application: The scope of application of rubber is not limited to a few industries, but cuts across multiple sectors ranging from industries to households. Natural Rubber Sheets are used mainly used in packing, for matting purposes, skirt-boarding and sand/shot blasting rubber sheets. Additionally, they are used for wear strips, shot blast cabinets, target backing, yard scrapers etc. Other industries that use its many inherent advantages include the food, tile and mining industries.

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Sbr Rubber Sheet

  • Color Black
  • Surface Smooth
  • Temperature Range -30° to 200° F

Description :  SBR rubber is a very common rubber material used in the commercial and industrial industries.  SBR stands for styrene-butadiene rubber.  SBR is a durable rubber material that usually doesn't contain chloroprene but is suitable for operational use in mild to moderate chemicals and hydrocarbon environments. SBR rubber still retains a high temperature of 200° F and a durable tensile strength making it work well under heavy loads, pressure and stress. Application :  SBR Rubber is used in many conveyor belt applications.  SBR rubber is used extensively as a replacement for rubber in industrial plants and production lines.  SBR rubber is also used in areas where low pressure, low chemical and oil resistant properties are not stringent.  SBR Rubber can be used as shelf liner, workstation table liner and work area rubber lining.

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Epdm Rubber Sheet

EPDM Rubber Sheets Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is more commonly known as EPDM Rubber Sheets. It is recognized as an alternative to synthetic rubber. Developed as a substitute of Natural Rubber, Synthetic rubber was able to deliver better performance in certain specific conditions. Now, across the world, it is the preferred material, especially in regions where such conditions prevail. Features: Umpteen features make EPDM a favorable choice. As one of the most versatile types of rubber sheeting available, EPDM Rubber Sheets are most suitable for outdoor applications. They are resistant to very hot weather, ageing, Ozone, radiations and high temperature. When it comes to resistance to corrosive chemicals, it performs extremely well by displaying highly resistant properties. Additionally, performance of EPDM in hot water and high pressure steam is comparatively better than in dry heat. EPDM is inherently resistant to attack by oxygen, U.V. rays, Ozone and extreme weather environments, and will prove to be durable even when faced by these conditions. Apart from all these specialties, EPDM Rubber Sheets also prevent any sort of liquid to pass through them. As a result of this vital physical property, they are widely used in waterproofing, canal and ponds lining. The size of EPDM sheets can vary as per the Clients requirements. Its thickness is in the range of 1mm to 50mm. It has a smooth surface on either side, usually with a fabric on one of the sides. At Santosh Rubber Industries, EPDM sheets are manufactured in a variety of colors such as black, red, green, blue or other colors (on request) Applications: As a vital alternative to natural rubber, it can be very helpful to the Clients for a variety of applications. EPDM rubber is one of the most popular synthetic forms of rubbers which are widely used in the industry. When natural rubbers fail to perform well under extreme weather and stress conditions, synthetic rubbers take over. With comparatively higher advantages, EPDM Rubber Sheets have numerous uses such as in automobiles for door seals, window seals, bidding, lining of water reservoirs, water proofing of roofs, face safety masks & in areas of high temperature.  

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Food Grade Rubber Sheet

  • Thickness 0.3mm to 50mm.
  • Application Agro Industries, food Processing Industry, Horticulture, Breweries, Animal Husbandry.
  • Width 1mtr / 1.2mtr / 1.5mt
  • Length up to 30mtr per roll.
  • Reinforcement available with nylon, cotton & Steel wire-mesh reinforcement.

  Food Grade Rubber Sheets   We offer abrasion resistant Food grade rubber sheets to be used in Pharmaceutical Food, milk, Breweries other allied Processing Industries. As the name suggests the Rubber & Chemicals used in manufacturing are free from toxic, odour ingredients & inert in nature. Available in milky White, Off White or Honey & blue Color.     These sheets are carefully crafted using high quality FDA approved NR, EPDM, SBR, Neoprene, Silicone rubber depending upon application & user requirement. All machinery are washed with 5% caustic Soda solution before commencing Production. Strict parameters & quality check is adopted in dealing with these material, every square inch of material is thoroughly  tested to be ensure, no contamination happened during processing & curing.       Kindly contact us, we offer various grades of Food Grade Rubber Sheets & provide customize solutions, depending upon application.  

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Viton Rubber Sheet

  Viton Rubber Sheet Santosh Rubber Industries provides its clients with the most extensive range of Viton Rubber Sheets. Given their widespread usage in a number of enterprises and households, Viton Rubber Sheets are amongst the most popular in the market. Features: Being resistant to extremely corrosive environments, this particular kind of rubber has made a reputation for successful application across multiple sectors. It has the capacity to withstand hot environments and great heat stability is one of its core highlights (200 C). The Viton Rubber Sheets available with us are particularly valued and resistance to aggressive chemicals, fuels, oils and a host of solvents. These include petrol and acids. In addition, these sheets are resistant to ozone oxidation and brittleness after prolonged heat exposure. However, they are unsuited for applications requiring resistance such as ketones and lacquer solvents. Available in large varieties, Viton Rubber Sheets can be customized as per client’s need with a thickness ranging from 2mm to 50mm. Application: The aerospace industry across the globe demands a constant supply of Viton Rubber Sheets. Used as a high-performance elastomeric, other avenues for application include automotive, fluid power, appliance and chemical industries. Given its unique properties, it remains a great choice for many clients.

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Rubber Lining Sheets

  • Color Black, Red, White, Tan
  • Width up to 1500mm
  • Length Long Length
  • Thickness 0.5mm to 50mm

Water, Chemical & Acid carrying containers are often need to be internally coated with a anti corrosive material   to save the metal surface from rust & acid reaction. Rubber is best suited for this property, it is flexible, paste-able & resistant towards   whether,   heat, chemicals & rust.     The other major reason for choosing rubber is even after prolong use when the coating begins to degrade, only the upper surface which is in direct contact with the solvent get affected while the beneath part remains in excellent condition.   Thin layer of un-vulcanised rubber compound are stick on the internal wall of tankers using synthetic Rubber based adhesives, the material then left to dry & later-on vulcanized using heat or steam pressure.   Same procedure is follow to coat pipes, channels, tubes or other allied material.  We offer premium grade Rubber lining Sheets customized as per project’s requirement. Special Food grade white Rubber compound is used for edible products. Material is supplier in Neoprene, NR/SBR, EPDM, Silicone, Nitrile Rubber Compound all depends on project & customer's requirement. Customization is also possible at our end to make sure high quality & excellent service life of finished product. We also emphasize of proper packing of material to make sure compound doesn’t get baked in transit.  

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Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Neoprene Rubber Sheet Neoprene Rubber Sheets (Chloroprene Rubber Sheets) are often used in the most general of industrial applications. The reason being Chloroprene, commonly known as Neoprene Rubber, is resistant to most of the petroleum products. Features: Manufactured using Synthetic Polymer Chloroprene or chlorobutadiene, it is highly resistant to any kind of climate related degradation and may be used both indoors and outdoors. Neoprene is rarely affected by any adverse change in temperature; hence it is very stable material. It is not affected by rapid changes in the surroundings and maintains its quality throughout. Further, Neoprene Rubber Sheets are resistant to heat, oil and a range of acids and alkalis. Strong solvents or Ozone does not affect it; in fact Neoprene Rubber Sheets show prolonged ageing properties as well as good metal adhesion properties. Thus, it is designed to act flexibly, durably, and to resist breakdown by water. Being fitting and resilient, air and water become isolated in its unique molecular structure. This also makes neoprene a temperately stable material to use. For further safety, flame resistant neoprene grades are available. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material. Sizes range from 1 Mtr x 2 Mtr and can even be tailor-made to suit Clients requirements. Their thickness can vary from 1mm to 50mm. With fabric impression on one of the sides, it has a variety of potential uses. At Santosh Rubber Industries, neoprene sheets are manufactured in an assortment of colors like black, red, green and blue with clients free to choose as per their wishes. Applications: Neoprene is one of the most versatile of rubber varieties. As a result, it has countless applications. Also, considered the commonest form of rubber, it is used in the petrochemicals industry, chemical plants and steel mills to pharmaceuticals and other related industries. Its applicability further includes packing processes, metal to rubber adhesion and insulation from oils, acids, alkalis and heat. The smaller, yet equally important uses include wet suits, sports gloves, mouse pads, pet collars, elbow and knee pads, orthopedic braces and tack gear.

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Silicon Rubber Sheet

  silicone rubber sheet silicone is unbeatably one of the best forms of rubber available in the market. In terms of applicability, the silicone rubber in itself is inert, very flexible and can be used in medical environments as well. features: silicone rubber sheet is primarily composed of silicone polymer which is typically synthetic in nature. It is soft to touch, lightweight and highly composite as well. In addition, they are considered to be highly temperature resistant and can bear temperatures up to +250â° c. this is precisely the reason why they are a very commonly used form of rubber sheet. The ability to withstand high temperature and heat has increased their popularity. what is most alluring is that they can keep the natural elasticity, performance and widest range of temperatures. Further, it may be molded in almost any shape and form. its unique shining and lubricating properties make it available in both solid and liquid for. Furthermore, it remains unaffected by extreme weather conditions such as heavy downpour, water, snow, ozone or excessive heat. Silicone rubber has superior resistance to water and this makes it an excellent electrical insulator. Its electrical insulating qualities don’t change much despite extreme environmental stresses – seen as a very promising factor in its adoption. when it come to their mechanical properties, silicone has comparatively low tensile strength, elongation and tear strength, however they keep constant even at high temperatures but should not be used with high pressure steam. In terms of chemicals too, they experience moderate resistance to general chemical products, however acids, alkalis, esters and ketone should be necessarily avoided. application: a great choice for sealing options, silicone rubber sheets are widely used in the food packaging industry after being marked as food grade. They leave no smell or taste when sealed. Its application can also be witnessed on a large scale in the automobile industry as it can bear high temperature. Further, it is also deemed suitable for pharmaceuticals and related medical applications. In the electronics industry, silicone gaskets are used to resist high temperature. High elongation silicone sheeting is designed especially for industrial lamination processes that require usage of large-sized protective membranes and high temperature resistance.  

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diamond groove rubber sheet

Diamond Groove Rubber Sheet Diamond grooved rubber sheets have proven to be indispensable over time. The aviation and construction industries are dependent on diamond groove rubber sheets for flawless daily operations. Features: As a high grade natural rubber, it is specifically designed to display abrasion and resist ozone. They are manufactured using a Neoprene CN bonding layer combined with lining glues that assist over pulley surfaces. These diamond grooved rubber sheets have an inbuilt grooved surface that helps give a powerful grip as well as disperse water and contaminants from the surface of the pulley. As a result, belt tracking becomes an enhanced process with the sheets preventing any sort of material build-up. Other properties can vary depending upon usage. They can be heat and oil resistant and manufactured in a variety of shapes such as diamond, square and round. The special bonding layer may or may not be used. Application: A whole gamut of Diamond Groove Rubber Sheets is available for application in industries as well as commercial enterprises. Being highly resistant to wear and tear, combined with premium manufacturing makes them a popular choice. So as to avoid any in-built defects, we at Santosh Rubber Industries ensure that the products are tested before applicability. We understand that as per usage, the requirements of our customers may vary. For large scale, off-site applications, the sheets are supplied in rolls thereby allowing the pulleys to be covered in one long, single sheet. This helps in easy installation and replacement. Sheets can be customized to fit roller sizes.  

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Shot Blasting Rubber Sheet

  • Color Black, Red
  • Width Up to 1500 mm
  • Length Long Length
  • Surface Smooth or textured
  • Thickness 2 mm to 15 mm

High  Performance is very much required, while handling or working in shot blasting rooms. We offer low Duro meter scaled premium grade sheets & mats made of X1 grade processed RMA Compound or Natural Rubber. These Thin Sheets are installed on walls or allied areas for protection of humans & their equipments from high speed shots. Shot & highly elastic Sheets are thus best suited for such application. Available in various colors, designs & thickness. We can also customize them as per project/customer’s requirement.  

  • a

    Specific Gravity (gm / cm 3)

    - 1.2


    Hardness (Shore A, ±5)

    - 45


    Tensile Strength, min (kg / cm 2 )

    - 110


    Elongation at break, min(%)

    - 300


    Compression Set , at 70°C for 22 hrs (%), min

    - 40


    Service Temperature Range

    -10° C to +70° C

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Diaphragm Rubber Sheet

Diaphragm Rubber Sheet At Santosh Rubber Industries, we offer a vast range of reinforced diaphragm sheet materials that are specifically designed using reinforced rubber. Features: Rubber diaphragm sheets are essentially manufactured employing rubber or synthetic rubber compounds and other reinforcing fabrics. These high quality rubber compounds are designed keeping in mind longer durability and service periods. Also called Fabric Reinforced Rubber Sheets, Diaphragm Rubber Sheets have one or more ply/insertion/reinforcement of Nylon Fabric between outer layers of Neoprene/Nitrile/Silicone Rubber Compound. This provides strength to rubber to withstand high hydraulic or pneumatic pressure besides ensuring the fabric substrates take all the stress. This provides a certain dimensional stability in the presence of water, vapor and aromatics. In addition to providing strength, the insertion also makes it more pressure proof. These insertions may vary from one to two. A host of other important features make Diaphragm sheets comparatively attractive. These include a sound level of oil resistance and flexible membrane with low permeability to fluids or gases. In addition, they have the capability to withstand pressure, with low permeability and good flex life at -30c to +100C. For more nuanced understanding one must assess their width and length that can go up to 1500mm and 10mtrs respectively. Depending upon clients requirements, the size can also be customized. However, the color options available are primarily in black and white. Applications: Diaphragm Rubber Sheets encompass a variety of industries wherein they are used. Among them, the commonest is in the manufacture of diaphragms, gaskets and a variety of sealing agents. These sheets also serve as an excellent weather stripping material. In addition, such sheets are capable of permitting relative motion between a stationary and a moving member while maintaining a separation of the two media on either side. This assists in maintaining a balanced pressure differential between the two media. Other diverse applications include in valves, automotive carburetors, regulators, pumps and gas masks. This is so because Diaphragm Rubber Sheets can sustain great levels of air, water and fluid pressure. If that exceeds to beyond a certain level, then steel wire mesh reinforcement can be provided. Though they are available in one pile of fabric, multiple piles can be also be used for sustaining and balancing high pressures. This is the case in comparatively more demanding applications.  

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Sponge Rubber Sheet

Sponge Rubber Sheet We are known to cater to their clients high quality Sponge Rubber Sheets. Features: Sponge Rubber Sheets have a number features that make it a unique material. High compression elasticity and good resilience properties enable it to be used in multiple sectors. In terms of composition, sponge rubber appears to have the same appearance as regular cellular rubber. However, on closer inspection it is evident that the two are essentially quite different. For one, sponge rubber has a mixed open and closed cell structure. Also, if used for sealing purposes, it requires to be layered with an outer skin. This outer skin makes the sponge stronger and more tear resistant. Even when the skin is punctured or cut, the sheets will not allow passage of air or fluid between cells However, though they come with a thick outer skin, inside they are very fine and porous. This makes them waterproof as well. Other features include high compressibility, good insulation properties, resistant to high temperature, oils and ageing. These non-absorbent sheets are highly compressible, resilient, lightweight and provide good thermal insulation. Sponge Rubber Sheets are generally resistant to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, ozone and weather, lubricants and animal or vegetable oils. It is also resistant to acids and hot water. When it comes to manufacturing Sponge Rubber Sheets, primarily two methods can be used: Extrusion or molding. Application: When used under light pressure, Sponge Rubber makes the right fit as a sealing material. Available in varying degrees of softness, it is a result of using special mixes that vary according to volume or density. Their usage also includes heavy closing pressures. For smoother application, they are available in self-adhesive versions (one or both sides) that fit well as a clean, durable seal around circular and square openings. Large containers, tanks and casings find such versions of sponge rubber sheets reliable and cost-effective. This is also workable for large custom cut-outs or items that are punched. Other applications include gaskets, acting as a barrier to moisture, dust proofing, gas retention, cushioning and sound deadening. But this again depends on what kind of Sponge Rubber Sheet has been chosen. Closed Cell sponges have no connecting cavities, making them ideal for applications where water exclusion and sound and gas retention are important. Open cell sponge has connecting cavities which make the sponge more compressible.  

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