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Our product range comtains a wide range of JHX Automatic Folding & Gluing Machine and Die cutting consumables

JHX Automatic Folding & Gluing Machine

We are positioned amidst the renowned names supplying finest array of Automatic Folder and Gluer. To maintain high-quality standards, we make certain that the assortment of products is kept safe with utmost proficiency. We keep the products well stacked in order to avoid any damage.   Main Features : High Efficiency and Speed - CGM automatic folder gluer can produce 10, 000 boxes with only 4 person . Easy Operation, No Need Experience CGM Automatic folder gluer operate easily, change job quickly, working efficiency much higher than manual and semi-auto machines. Carton factories will not worry about the urgent orders any more, even fresh person can run the machine skill fully. Glue Evenly - The applied amount of the glue can be adjusted freely with the gap between the glue wheel and the board. Introduction of Each Unit : Feeding Unit Frequency controlled main motor makes speed change more stable and lower noise. There are two stop board in the feeding unit at left and right sides; it can be adjusted according to the size of the paper board The paper board is delivered by wearable seamless import belt driving by knurling roller. There are register device in the back of the feeding unit, combined with lead edge sucking feeding method, the paper board can be fed smoothly, high precision, ensuring accurate folds.Adopt top grade electromagnetic clutch, the feeding unit can be controlled separately,   realizing easy operation. Folding Unit Adopt high friction import belts, ensuring paper conveying smoothly and stable.  Stainless steel glue wheel, glue applies evenly, and save glue. Second creasing device, can crease the paper board again, ensuring perfect folds. Specially designed edge correction device, forcibly correct size of the creasing lines. There are many guiding wheels at left and right sides, which can be adjusted according to the thickness of paper board, Ensuring smooth folds of papers. Fold beams can be adjusted electrically according to different paper size, facilitate operation. Electric System Adopt PLC and LCD control, operate easily and reliable. Non-stop input data, count automatically , stack automatically , deliver neatly 14-job parameters can be stored. The motor of the counting unit is frequency controlled; the speed can be adjusted flexibly and stably. The speed of the delivering belts can be adjusted individually, the gluing deviation can be corrected according to the speed         difference. Trim board with correction function can reduce fold error. Batch delivery is driven by pneumatic mechanism, PLC controlled, ensuring motion accurate and reliable. Batch delivered carton number can be freely set between 10 and 25. The bottom delivering belt and top pressing belt work at the same time, ensures firm bond of carton and tidy delivery

  • Specifications
    MODEL JHX2000  JHX2600
    MAX. Cardboard 900*1950  1200*2600 mm
    MIN. Cardboard   250*700   300*850   mm
    Speed 0-120    0-120m/min
    Power     9     10 kw
    Weight     5.5         7T
    Oversize     2600*11000*2500 3500*13000*2500mm
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Die Cutting Consumables

962 /13 Box
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Incredible low price Details : We mainly produce 2 kinds of creasing matrix, PVC based and pressboard based. And each kind includes 2 models, standard (SLB with 13mm or 15mm width) and nimi. (SLZ with 9mm width). PVC kind is flexible and easy to modify, suitable for 30, 000-50, 000 cycles. While pressboard kind is suitable for long-run job, up to 100, 000 cycles.

  • Details
    Paper gsm thickness Height of creasing rule
    23.5 23.4 23.3 23.2 23.1 23
    200 0.28 mm 0.3*1.0 0.4*1.0 ---      
    250 0.35 mm 0.3*1.2 0.4*1.2 0.5*1.2 --- --- v
    300 0.42 mm 0.3*1.3 0.4*1.3 0.5*1.4 --- --- ---
    350 0.50 mm --- 0.4*1.4 0.5*1.5 0.6*1.5 ---
    400 0.56 mm --- --- 0.5*1.6 0.6*1.6 --- ---
    450 0.63 mm --- --- 0.5*1.7 0.6*1.7 0.7*1.7 ---
    500 0.70 mm --- --- --- 0.7*1.7 0.8*1.7
  • Specifications
    Corrugated paper Thickness after compress Creasing rule height Size recommend
    ï¼1.05 creasing ruleï¼

    ï¼1.42 creasing ruleï¼
    F-flute 0.50 mm 23.20 mm 0.5*1.7  
    E-flute 0.65 mm 23.10 mm 0.7*23 ——
    E-flute 0.75 mm 23.00 mm 0.8*2.5 ——
    B-flute 0.85 mm 22.90 mm 0.8*2.7 0.8*3.2
    B-flute 0.95 mm 22.80 mm 1.0*3.0 1.0*3.5
    C-flute 1.05 mm 22.70mm 1.0*3.2 1.0*3.5
    C-flute 1.15 mm 22.60 mm ------ 1.0*4.0

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