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MGO Board

MGO Board

What is feature of MgO Board ?

It has a High Temperature / Flame Resistance, Sound- absorb, Anti-seismic, Water proof and Moisture proof , Anti-moth, Light and Anti-corrosion, Non-toxic, Tasteless, Non-polluting. It can be directly on the Paint, Veneer directly, Pasting tile. Its surface has good coloring. High strength, Resistance to bending, Toughness, It can be Sawed, Nailed, Glued, Extremely convenient decoration.


What is advantage of MgO Board ?

  • Fireproof : Non-combustible
  • Moisture proof
  • Light and anti-seismic
  • Superior strength
  • Environmental and healthy
  • Insulation and saving energy
  • Economy and affordable
  • Soundproofing and peaceful
  • Durable
  • Insect resistant and Mildew resistant


MgO Board are used in following ?

Construction of Housing : 

We can ready LGSS (Light Gauge Steel Structure) Base with support and install MgO Board for Exterior & Interior Wall. MgO Boards are 100% recyclable. So, we can dismantling and re-install at difference place.


Furniture :

We can use this MgO Board for preparing of Office Furniture, Housing Furniture. Because this sheet is Fire Resistance, Water Resistance & Termite Proof.


Moisture in Wall :

This is very common problem now-a-days to come out moisture from wall inside home. This moisture spoils our expensive paints, furniture and home decor. MgO Board is the best solution for moisture problem. MgO Board absorbs moisture from wall.


Interior Decor :

  • MgO Board also used as POP sheet (Plaster of Paris) for Interior decor of Offices & Residance.
  • Carving is also possible in MgO Board. So, we can decor with this carved sheet.


Binding of MgO Board :

  • 1st Layer is Smooth Finish Surface
  • 2nd Layer Fibre Mesh Reinforcement
  • 3rd Magnesium Oxide Filler
  • 4th Fibre Mesh Reinforcement


Size of MgO Board :

  • 6 mm Thk x 2400 mm x 1200 (8 Ft x 4 Ft)
  • 8 mm Thk x 2400 mm x 1200 (8 Ft x 4 Ft)
  • 10 mm Thk x 2400 mm x 1200 (8 Ft x 4 Ft)
  • 12 mm Thk x 2400 mm x 1200 (8 Ft x 4 Ft)
  • 16 mm Thk x 2400 mm x 1200 (8 Ft x 4 Ft)


How Does Our Mgo Board Compare To Other Building Boards ?

Item Our mgo board Gypsum board Plywood/OSB Fiber cement cement
Board/Calciium silicate board
Non comcustible and fire resistant Yes no no Yes
Waterproof and moistureproof Yes no no Yes
Mold resistant and mildew resistant Yes no no Yes
Insect resistant Yes Yes no Yes
Nil/screw Yes Yes Yes Yes
No special tools (Cut/Saw) Yes Yes Yes no
Attached to decoration film Yes no no no
Attached to tile Yes no no Yes
Sound insulation and heat insulation Yes no no Yes
No-toxic green environmental Yes no no Yes
Strong and durable Yes no Yes Yes
Light weight Yes no no Yes

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