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Prep 16 Pipe Bevelling Machine

Prep 16 Pipe Bevelling Machine

The PREP 16 is the first in TAG’s new range of a heavy duty large diameter bevelling machines. Offering ratchet i/d jaw locking, as well as ratchet bevel feed control for effortless heavy wall preps. Offered with a 3 HP pneumatic or 1750 Watt electric motor any bevel geometry can be performed with in the impressive 3″ to 16″ range. J-preps, counter boring, and facing can all be performed, simultaneously, due to its light weight, yet unrivalled power, the PREP 16 is ideal for on-site, off shore, nuclear, and other applications where precision welds are required.

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  • Power Source : Electric
  • Available in : 110v or 220v power supply


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