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Prep 24 Pipe Bevelling Machine

Prep 24 Pipe Bevelling Machine

A powerful, heavy duty electric or pneumatic motor drives a reduction gearbox converting 3.5 HP into 12500 Nm of torque!! Rigidity and unrivalled bevelling strength are ensured with a 5.9″ Locking Shaft with built in plug jaws, a bolt in 6 point locking system allows the PREP 24 to cover an impressive range of 7″ to 24″! Both locking and feeding are controlled by ratchet, enabling the operator to lock into the pipe in seconds, and provide a consistent bevel feed, for the perfect surface finish, even on heavy wall pipes.

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  • Power Source : Electric
  • Gearbox Converting : 3.5 Hp Into 12500 Nm of Torque


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