Milling Wheat

Technical Specifications
General Specification of 720,000metric ton Milling Wheat
Column (A) Column (B)
No. Technical Specification of items required
including applicable standards Compliance of specification
1 Production year 2015/2016
2 Test weight (hectoliter) min 78kg/hl
3 Moisture contentmax.13%
4 Wet Gluten 26% min on wet basis
5 Protein min 12% on dry basis
6 Foreign matter 2% maximum permissible limit in and by mass
7 Non GMO( free from GMO)
8 Damaged kernels (broken, shriveled, shrunken under size) 4%maximum permissible limit in and by mass
9 Falling number min. 230/sec.
10 Free of live insects
11 Free of ergots and smutty grains
12 Fit for human Consumption
13 Radiation Free
14 Total ImpurityMax 6%
The detailed technical evaluation will examine the technical specification of the items offered in column c and determine or verify whether this meets the minimum specification required in column A. Bidders should not say ‘‘Comply’’ in column B but you must write your specification offered unless enough for rejection.
Technical Specification of Product Packing
Seller shall provide sufficient bags and twine +2% extra bag cargo at port suitable to hold 50 KGS net of wheat.
Bags should meet the following specifications:
New polypropylene woven bags of a net content of 50 kg each fit for export and multiple handling.
The bag must have a heat cut mouth to prevent fibrillation and have a sewn double folded bottom.
Bags specification; Size 62 x 95 CM, fabric 110gsm, to give a bags mass of about 110g each. Construction of fabric must be minimum of 10 x 10/square inch.
The seller will also provide sufficient twine for the required quantity of bags.
Buyer’s will advise marking of the bag.

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