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Back Buddy Standard

Back Buddy Standard

Ernest Hemingway did all his writing standing up, although he had the support of a worldwide audience, one source let him down. His Back

Next to headache, backache is the most common affliction known to man. The reason being faulty sitting posture, with increasing number of sitting hours spent at offices and other places, where the back is strained more.  Even the so called "ergonomically designed" chairs are not able to provide total comfort.

The other common causes of back pains are

  1. Ageing

  2. Long drives

  3. Poor physical conditioning

  4. Pregnancy

  5. Poor lifting techniques

  6. Long computer hours.

Good news for aching backs! " Back Buddy ", the posture-correcting Backrest endorsed by Orthopaedic Doctors, Physicians, Chiropractors and  Indian Air force is now available.


Have a world class orthopaedic specialist to back you up while at work

Though there are many causes of back trouble, and many different ways of easing them, Back Buddy has been proved to ease the kind of trouble which arise due to poor posture.  In fact the principles embodied in the "Back Buddy" are inherent in every programme of pain control through postural correction.

It's ideal for back pains due to Disc Prolapse, Vertebral Fracture, Degenerative lumbar Disease, Osteoporosis, Paget's disease, Occupational Backache, Soft Tissue Affliction, Injury etc.

It is an anatomically designed backrest.  Moulded foam construction, with built-in spring steel wire frame provides postural correction.  It's specific contour reproduces the natural curve of lower back, reducing fatigue and slouching.

It features a lumbar pillow, which fits snugly into the curve of your back and provides extra cushioning at the required area.

With its lateral support, "Back Buddy" gives not just relief but also comfort to your back.

How to use

It is the simplest health care appliance

Easily portable and can be fitted to any chair, at any workstation, in any car, at home with the help of heavy-duty elastic and buckle.
By allowing the body to maintain proper angle  which is little above 90 degree, " Back Buddy " considerably reduces weight on spine and lumbar portion of body.

Adjustable lumbar pillow, with Velcro is to be fitted as and where extra cushioning is required

Who can Use?

Your body is not a stationary vehicle - it is designed to move

The human body evolved over millions of years, allowing us to become farmers, hunter, riders, and with our bodies constantly on the move in a variety of tasks.  Over the last century we have tried to make this active dynamic body to sit still for longer and longer periods each day - and body is not accustomed to it.

Today many people experience pain and discomfort at work, driving, sleeping and sitting.

Whilst these difficulties can be attributed to a culmination of many factors, e.g. incorrect chair and desk, poor mouse posture, wrong lifting habits, increased hours in one position, excess stress etc., one of the greatest contributors is the poor seating posture.  Good seating can reduce the risk of stress and injury to muscles and joints, and ease the kind of back trouble that arises due to poor posture.

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