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  • Borescope Inspection

    Borescope Inspection

    We are the major provider for Borescope Inspection Service. The Borescope Inspection Service, provided by us, is superior as we use modern boroscope equipment to examine various process lines on an internal basis. Here the dismantling of the system is prevented to a greater extent. Our Borescope Inspection Service is one of the most sought after ones as we offer professional treatment and have deep understanding of the procedures involved.

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  • Chemical Cleaning

    Chemical Cleaning

    What is chemical cleaning?
    Chemical cleaning is a cost-effective and efficient method involving the use of reactive chemicals to remove unwanted deposits, corrosion, residual oils and greases, and other obtrusive contaminants from the surfaces of various pieces of process equipment, including components of power-generating units such as boiler and condensers, heat ex-changers in refineries and other industrial equipment. This process is used for passivization to ...

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  • Chemical Decontamination

    Chemical Decontamination

    Decontamination is used to remove light and heavy-end hydrocarbons. It can effectively eliminate benzene, toluene, xylene and H2S. At Tuffchem Environmental Services, we offer the most comprehensive hydrocarbon decontamination package in the market today that can effectively reduce downtime, HSE liability, waste disposal, plant’s turnaround, maintenance or emergency shutdown time. Our engineers will work closely with the clients to design the most efficient and cost-effective ...

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  • Dry Ice Blasting

    Dry Ice Blasting

    How does Dry-Ice Blasting works?
    Dry-ice blasting works by propelling dry-ice pellets at a hyper-velocity towards a relatively warm surface that will trigger high impact collisions which is followed by the immediate sublimation of the cold pellets. The rapid sublimation of the pellets are, in effect, micro-explosions that create shockwaves between the coating and the substrate that will cause contaminants or the fractured coating to be lifted from the substrate.

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  • Foam Cleaning

    Foam Cleaning

    The Tuffchem foam cleaning treatment is very effective for the removal of oil, dust, dirt, poplar fuzz, cottonwood seed, etc. The treatment is performed on-stream, requiring no shutdown time or cost and scheduling difficulties. On-stream treatment enables monitoring of actual cooling efficiency in the control room to determine the results which have been achieved.

    With most air applications, airflow through the cooler could increase slightly, which does not necessarily mean ...

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  • Hydrostatic Testing

    Hydrostatic Testing

    Hydro Testing/Pressure Testing - TuffChem has extensive experience in performing pressure testing of process equipment such as boilers, vessels, turrets, pipelines, etc. We do this by hydrotesting but can also use other medium including luboils and helium nitrogen. This service includes a detailed inspection report, satisfying all classification society requirements and meets NORSOK standards and NR-13 standards (Brazilian Labour Ministry).

    If required, we will ...

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  • Oil Flushing

    Oil Flushing

    Oil flushing is applied for the prevention of rust before the start of operation and inputs of substances into the pipes, usually after chemical cleaning is done. This prevention extends the durability of the facilities and enhance the efficiency of operation.

    • Certification of Cleanliness in hydraulic system, lube oil system, BOP, umbilicals and tubing
    • Equipment covering all pipe dimensions
    • Analysing and documentation
    • Verification to standards ISO 4406 ...

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