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Coir Fibre Mulch Mats

Coir Fibre Mulch Mats

Mulching is defined as cover up of soil around the plants to preserve soil wetness, reducing nutrient loss by leaching and weeds control where chemical fertilizers are used and to modify soil temperature.


The major benefits of using Coco Fibre Mulch mats

  • Mulching reduces overflow, increase penetration of rainwater, controls erosion, and corrects the chemical stability of the soil and decrease damage done by pests and bug.

  • There are some secondary special effects, mulching produces, apart from the above major results; such as upgrading of soil structure, boost in micro-activity, earthworm populations.

  • Black film put a stop to the germination and expansion of wild plant seeds in contrast to clear film. It sucks up more sun energy and keeps hold of higher heat beneath the film.

  • In India, straw, silage, sawdust, asphalt paper, etc is conventionally used for mulching. Exercise of technical textiles for mulching is yet to gain momentum.

  • Currently, mulch mats are being used largely in vegetable (which are small duration harvest) and few fruit crops.

  • Mulch mats are used to keep ripening of fruits, off the soil. The reduced get in touch with the soil decline fruit deterioration as well as remain the fruit and vegetables clean. This is advantageous for the production of numerous fruits including strawberries.

  • Thickness : 1-3mm, 12-15mm, 6-9mm, 9-12mm
  • Application : Agriculture
  • Feature : Anti Fatigue, Anti Slip, Comfortable, Easy To Clean
  • Pattern : Plain
  • Size : Multisizes
  • Surface : Cloth Wove, Hammer, Smooth, Textured

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