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Makhkhan Malai Maize Oil Cake

Makhkhan Malai Maize Oil Cake

The Makhkhan Malai Maize Oil Cake which is very high in the Fat or Oil content is processed through the Expeller technology to produce two product namely Maize Oil and Maize Oil cake. Maize oil cake is rich source of nutrition and is used as a concentrate source in the dairy Cattle feed.

1. Increases the milk fat%

2. Higher contain of Oil will provide the energy to the animals.

3. The MOC contain the Vitamin E that is highly beneficial in the induction of heat in early period of the calving. Generally, other cake like Ground nut Cake or chuni or Korma are deficient or smaller in Vit. E.

4. The crude fiber contain is about 8-10% where as the cotton seed contain about 25-30%

5. Improves the animal health and resistant power against the diseases

6. The oil has mostly unsaturated fatty acid that will help for the early pregnancy of the animals.

  • Particulars Contain : Moisture Not more than 5% 2 Protein 15-18%

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