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Bios Life Slim Energy Drink (26203)

Bios Life Slim Energy Drink (26203)

We offer bios life slim is a fibre based nutritional energy drink which helps to reduce your appetite, but supplies necessary nutrients and energy. Bios life slim is designed to help your body balance its cholestorol and triglyceride levels.
drinking bios life slim twice a day, 10 monutes before lunch and 10 minutes before dinner assists your body in balancing its blood glucose levels and curbs hunger. Bios life slim helps to lower ldl cholestorol and increase hdl cholestorol.
Bios life slim ensures weight loss and waist reduction, and also reduces diabetes. Each carton of bios life slim contains 30 sachets, a 15 day dose. If taken for 3 months, which is the standard recommended program, permanent and substantial weight loss is almost certain.
Bios life slim is approved by the american heart and american diabetes assns and is listed in the physicians desk reference, usa.

  • Orange powder : Sachets soluble in water
  • Natural : Vegetarian
  • Orange flavor : Herbal

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Packaging Details : Each carton contains 30 sachets. 15 days dosage.

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