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Manual Reset Thermostat ((sn-8m))

Manual Reset Thermostat ((sn-8m))

We are a chief Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Manual Reset Thermostat (SN-8M). The Manual Reset Thermostat (SN-8M) is just like SN-8 with a reset button. The Manual Reset Thermostat (SN-8M) offered by us provides excellent reliability to commercial applications such as vending machine, photo copiers, boiler, etc.

SN-8M is a model which operates within a temperature range of 160 deg C. It is manually reset.

  • 100% factory inspected for continuity, function and contact resistance and temperature
  • High temp plastic base provides : high temperature capability, clean processing, high impact strength
  • Factory preā€“set bimetal disc ensures : safe and reliable accurate operation, tamperproof settings

  • Manual reset for safety
  • High current capacity
  • Automatic cut-off in case of overheating
  • High thermal sensitivity
  • Variety of mounting brackets and terminals available
  • Long contact life

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Vending Machines
  • Water Heaters
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Boilers
  • Photo Copy Machines
  • Electrical Stoves
  • Other Small Appliances

  • Maximum Voltage : 230VAC
  • Max Current ( For non-inductive loads) : 16A
  • Max Temp 160 : Deg C
  • Max operating cycles : 1,00,000

We also provide tthis model for inductive loads for bulk orders.

  • Dielectric Strength : 1500 VAC, rms, 60 cycles for 1 minute, terminal to case
  • Ambient Temperature Range : 50oC to 160oC
  • Differential : 10 deg, 15 deg, 20 deg

  • Our most common configurations are depicted below, but many other styles are available
  • The SN-8M can be custom packaged to meet your specific design requirements

  • 3/16 or 6.35 type terminals are available which can be riveted flat or vertical
  • 1/4 or 4.6 type terminals are available which can be riveted flat or vertical

Mounting style
  • M0 - No mounting
  • M6 - Loose Bottom Bracket
  • M4 - stud type mounting
  • M2 - Fixed top flange
  • M7 - fixed top flange

The drawings of the mounting bracket is shown. Any terminal style may be matched with any mounting style.

Selestion Code
  • SN-8M/NC(8)/110(3)/0/M6/6.35/F

      Temperature setting can be given as per requirement

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