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Other Products / Services

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Locker Box Attachment for Bed, Crib With Attachment, Blood Storage Refrigerators, Bedside Stand with Shelves and Water Still Stone Fin.

Locker Box Attachment for Bed

Specification:   Overall approx. dimension: 305 mm L x 305 mm W x 295 mm H Mild steel Locker box with SS top and MS railings Box door with three louvers, handle and magnetic latch Pretreated and powder coated finish

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Crib With Attachment

Overall approx. dimension : 945 mm L x 425 mm W X 1030 mm H Trolley fitted with four castors 50 mm dia, two with brake Specification: Crib approx. dimension: 720 mm L x 390 mm W x 260 mm H Crib made from mild steel tubes, rods and perforated sheet Crib swings on two vertical tubes Pretreated and powder coated finish

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Blood Storage Refrigerators

  SH Series of Blood Bank refrigerator are specially designed to meet all storage requirements of whole blood Sl Packed RBC. Durable. corrosion resistant materials are used to provide years of reliable performance. The outer body is made up of powder Coated CFICA Steel S. internal cabinet of Stainless Steel BD4 (AISI Grade. Non Corrosive and Non Magnetic]. Microprocessor based temperature controller helps in precise temperature management. Forced Air circulation ensures temperature uniformityty     Full Glass Door for observation without disturbing inside condition 7 Days circular chart recorder for constant Temperature recording LED temperature indicator-cum controller Audio-visual alarm to indicate variation of temperature beyond the set point. door open Internal Plexi Glass door for batter insulation

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Bedside Stand with Shelves

Specification: Overall approx. dimension: 390 mm L x 360 mm W x 770 mm H Stainless steel tubular construction Three stainless steel shelves Legs fitted with rubber shoes

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Water Still Stone Fin

Water Still Stone Fin Applications: Stone-fin Water Still is ideal for applications requiring small    quantities of distilled water – up to 10 litres a day. Advantages: Eco friendly design – eliminates cruel wastage of water. With 4 lit Food Grade Distillate collection container. An innovative stand alone design works without a running water connection & hence the Stone-fin can be placed just about anywhere; requires table top space of just 1.2 sq.ft. Clear bottom in Boiling chamber – enabling easy cleaning and no heater scaling problem. Connection to a 5 ampere wall socket allows easy and anywhere connectivity. Unattended operation – shuts itself off after completion of distillation. Requires no skilled labour. Lowest cost of distillation.

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Tissue Culture Dishes

Culture Dishes Clear Transparent Sterile Disposable Packed In Poly Bag Process For Cell Attachment.  

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Mercurial Type Blood Pressure Instrument

Salient Features For All Mercurial Models First grade quality – virgin material used Purity of mercury 99.99% due to assured triple distillation process 0 to 300 mm of Hg scale with elegant finish, fine numbering and durable background contrast paint for clear visibility Fused type, permanent graduation marking on the glass tube Special control valve for perfect pressure drop Best quality cuff for getting excellent grip Surface plating adapted to all exposed metal parts to prevent corrosion Classic Hi-stove painting to the body of the instrument to withstand in any climate Optimum damping effect provided for easy and fast measurement

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Dial Regular Blood Pressure Instrument

FEATURES: 3 x 3 inch big size Dial for ease in reading Elegant look, very strong and rigid construction Expandable rubber tubing Provided with 2 cuffs (Adult & Pediatric) Suitable for Ambulance like mobile vehicles

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Handheld Suction Unit

  • Vacuum(max) 450 mm Hg
  • Disposable Container Volume 200 ml
  • Operating environmental temperature – 20 °C to + 50 °C
  • Storage Environmental Temperature – 40 °C to + 60 °C
  • Dimensions & Weight 17 x 5 x 18 cm. 192 gm.

Handheld portable suction unit designed to provide quick and effective suction for multiple emergency use.

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User Friendly, Accurate and Reliable Intuitive and user friendly operation. Simple entry of parameters via numeric keypad Expanded maximum infusion rate unto 1500 ml/h. With the Syringe Size Detector and with High Flow Rate should be of per 950 Intuitive and user friendly Operation. Simple entry of parameters via numeric keypad. Expanded maximum infusion rate unto 1500 ml/h. Automatic and manual bolus modes. Set-up menu enables customization of the pump. Anti-bolus and anti-siphon functions increase patient safety. Titration allows to change the infusion parameters without interruption of infusion. Accepts syringe from 5ml to 50/60ml of all majors Indian Brands like DISPOVEN ROMSONS as well as all imported brands. The drug library contains 15 drug names and can be updated by the physician. Syringe pump can be quickly started within 3 steps by selecting syringe & infusion rate. Automatic syringe volume detection.

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led illumination

  • • Battery Backup : A long-life LED coupled with a rechargeable battery allows 6 hrs usage without electrical power
  •   • Anti-fungus treated optics :
  • Unique chemical treatment keeps fungus away  
  • • Parfocal & Centered Objectives : Minimises use of the fine focusing and stage-control knobs during objectives change-over
  •   • Optics with Multi-layer coating :

Aluminium-cast body. All critical movements based on ball bearing & wire guides that ensure smooth & precise manipulation.labs.  

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MW Digital Camera Adapters

Product Highlights Adapter for mounting Digital Camera on Microscope for the purpose of digital imaging.

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Urine Collecting Bag with Measured Volume Meter

Urine Collecting Bag with measured volume meter is used for measurement of urine output. 2000ml Urine Bag is manufactured from extra strong sheeting to withstand during the long period. 250 ml Capacity measured Bottle provides accurate measurement of urine output. Urine Bottle is directly connected to the Urine Bag as to avoids any possibility of contamination. Push/Pull type Bottom outlet facilitates convenient emptying of Urine Bag. 90cm kink resistance tube provided with Universal connecter.

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Urine Collecting Bag

Urine Collecting Bag is used for short and long term urine drainage. 2000ml Urine Bag is manufactured from Medical grade soft PVC sheeting. Non Return Valve to avoid the back fow of Urine. Super smooth, 90cm kink resistance tube provided with Universal Connecter for easy connection to the drainage catheter. Bag is graduated with easy to read scale. Also available with Top Bottom Outlet and Moulded handle for easy handling and carrying facility. Packing – Sterile, Individually packed in Tear H.M pack. – Master Carton of 400. – Gross weight: 25.200kg – Master Carton size: 750 x 305 x 650mm

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Urine Collecting Bag Paediatric

Urine Collecting Bag Paediatric is used for urine collection for both Male and Female infants. 100ml Urine Bag consist of Hypo allergic adhesive for proper  fxing of urine bag. Urine Bag is graduated with easy to read scale. Packing – Sterile, Individually packed in polybag. – Box of 100; Master Carton of 2000. – Gross weight: 18.100gm – Master Carton size: 650 x 380 x 430mm

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leg bag

  • Gross weight: 9.200kg
  • Master Carton size: 570 x 320 x 340mm

Suitable for day & night use for incontinence Manufactured from soft clinical grade PVC sheeting. Available with bottom outlet. Non-return valve to prevent the backfow of urine. Printed with easy to read scale. Convenient for tying on thigh with optional elastic straps Packing – Sterile, Individually packed in peelable pouch pack. – Box of 10; Master Carton of 100 – Gross weight: 9.200kg – Master Carton size: 570 x 320 x 340mm

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Yankaur Suction Set with Standard Handle

Yankaur Suction Set is used for removal of secretion, and blood  per operatively . Flexible kink resistant tube provide uninterrupted fow during suction. Soft connecters at both ends of the tube for easy connection. Available in Crown Tip Handle and Standard Round Tip Handle Suitable for use with or without vent control facility. Packing – Sterile, individually packed in peelable pouch pack. – Box of 10; Master Carton of 100 – Gross weight: 19.200kg – Master Carton size: 680 x 470 x 520mm

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high vacuum suction unit

  • Power 220 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase
  • Housing Plastic moulded cabinet
  • Capacity 0-700 mm Hg ± 10 mm regulable, flutter free vacuum control knob, 90 ltrs / min
  • Pump type Double piston pump
  • Jar 2 x 2.5 ltr. wide mouthed (Polycarbonate) with changeover lever. Provided with handle for hygiene while emptying / cleaning, safety jar with mechanical / electronic overflow motor shut off system and autoclavable bacterial filter.
  • Tubing 10 mm ID x 2 mtr. (PVC)
  • Vacuum Gauge Bourden type 6.25 cm dia 0-760 mm Hg calibration.
  • Noise Level 60 dB A±3
  • Dimension & Weight 46 x 32 x 86 cms, 22 Kg.

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Mobile Suction Unit

  • Power 230 V, 50 Hz, 2 ± 0.5 Amps, 200 watts. (110 V on request)
  • Housing MS Powder coated cabinet with SS top.
  • Capacity 0-700 mm Hg ± 10 regulable, flutter free vacuum control knob, 25 Ltrs / min.
  • Pump type Single rotary vane pump
  • Jar Wide mouthed 2 x 2 Ltrs. (Polycarbonate) with self sealing bungs and mechanical over flow safety device.
  • Tubing 8 mm ID x 2 mtr (PVC)
  • Vacuum Gauge Bourden type 6.5cm. Dia. 0-760 mm Hg calibration.
  • Noise Level 50 dB A ± 3 Almost whispers.
  • Dimension & Weight 3 x 30 x 68 cms. 27Kg

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AC / DC / Pedal Suction Unit

  • Power Electrical
  • Housing MS Powder coated cabinet with electronic overflow protection safety jar.
  • Capacity 0-575 mm Hg ± 10, Vacuum 20 ltr / min.
  • Pedal 150 ml per stroke volume
  • Pump type Oil free Piston Pump (Electrical) & Piston pump (Pedal)
  • Jar Wide mouthed autoclavable 2 ltr collection jar (Polycarbonate), safety jar with mechanical / electronic overflow motor shut off system and autoclavable bacterial filter.
  • Tubing 8 mm ID x 2 mtr. (Silicon)
  • Vacuum Gauge Bourden type 5 cm Dia
  • Battery Backup 120 minutes on full charge.
  • Dimension & Weight 44 x 28 x 27 cms, 9.5 Kg.

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Manual Operated Suction Units

  • Capacity ` Outright vacuum – 600 mm Hg ±10 with average per stroke volume of 200 ml.
  • Pump type Efficient piston pump for creating vacuum instantly.
  • Jar Autoclavable 1 X 1 ltr. jar (Polycarbonate)
  • Tubing 8 mm ID X 2 mtr. (Silicon)
  • Vacuum Gauge Bourden type, 5 cms 0 – 760 mm Hg
  • Dimension & Weight 32 x 17 x 30 cms. 2.5 kg.

Portable pedal unit with top view manometer visible to the operator. Bacterial filter (0.3 micron with single use / autoclavable housing) between jar and pump. Ease of operation  – one person can operate unaided. Also useful for field hospitals, midwives, medical centres, mines, aircraft, trains, mountaineers, on -foot paramedics etc

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Pipeline Vacuum Unit on Trolley

Unit portable on 5 castors (2 with brakes) 2 way changeover level for 2 x 2.5 ltr PC jars. Additional overflow safety jars with reusable/ autoclavable filter for each collection jar to prevent fluid from entering the pipeline. Fine vacuum regulator with vacuum gauge. Can be connected to any vacuum source. Autoclavable catheter holder provided. Carrying handle for easy movement.

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Silicon Venteuse Cup

Safe birth assistant, Minimizes risk of trauma and cephalohematome of fetal cranium, Sterilizable – 50 mm, 60 mm & 70 mm cup, Connectable to any suction unit with gauge & release valve.

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Physicians Desk Model

A special type of model produced in high profile design in CRCA white metal sheet, ideal for Physician Instrument uses vertical space, hence saving of table space It has got a firm grip on a table, preventing tilting and falling An extra child cuff is also provided along with velcro cuff to cover full range of arm circumference Extra coiled rubber tubing for additional distance coverage Model is more convenient and most useful in rush hours for the Physicians

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