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Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

VAISHNAVI SALES & SERVISES is a trusted dealer of premium quality Solar Hot Water Heaters, which is used pollution free source of energy available without any major cost. The solar heaters, provided by us, are available in three variants i.e. Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Solar Water Heaters, which are affordable and require low maintenance. The eco friendly heaters, supplied by us, have made us the key Domestic Solar Water Heater Supplier from Malvan.

Features :
  • Uses pollution free source of energy
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Eco friendly
  • Available abundantly in tropical areas
  • Earth receives only 2% of total radiation emitted by the Sun.
  • Solar Energy available on Earth : 1.5 x 1018 KWH. 10, 000 times more than yearly requirement.
  • Maintenance free
  • Savings In :
    • Natural Resources
    • Electricity Bills
    • Foreign Exchange
Sizes Available :
  • LPD
  • 100 LPD
  • 120 LPD
  • 150 LPD
  • 200 LPD
  • 250 LPD
  • 300 LPD
  • 400 LPD
  • 500 LPD or higher capacity as per specific requirements can be supplied in above model

Applications :
  • Domestic : Flats, Bungalows and Apartments.
  • Commercial : Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels and Dormitories.
  • Industrial :Process Industries, Preheating boiler feed water. In domestic sector, hot water is used for bathing, washing of clothes & utensils etc. The requirement may, however, vary with the season of the year & number of family members. Our experience says that on an average 30 to 35 liters of water at 50 to 55º C. is consumed by an individual. Thus for a family of 4 members, 125 LPD Solar Water Heating System is quite sufficient.In commercial & industrial sectors, where large quantity of water is required at fairly high temperature, ''Jain Solar Water Heating Systems'' are designed to meet the above requirement. Depending on the distribution pattern of hot water, the system could be either modular or a big capacity single tank system. We also deal in solar light systems, solar pump panel etc.

Raw Material Used : Fiber Glass,stainless steel,coper,mild steel,galvanized

Price : From Rs 23225.00 to Rs 95775.00

Packaging : Available in box packing

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