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Our offered Product range includes WBS-2400 Base Station, Backup Storage Device, Wireless Connectivity Service and Wireless Connectivity Services.

Solar Products

Today Information Technology is a necessity in our world. Solar Products are playing a major part in environment disorder, electricity consumption and other environmental issues. We cannot live without IT environment hence we have designed and developed a GREEN way to run Solar Products. Our solution starts with low consumption computing device which is powered by Solar energy. Our own office is also run on Solar power with LED Monitors and Ncomputing products, which is GREEN IT Product. We have solutions for power generation on SOLAR, SOLAR-WIND hybrid and Green Energy solutions. We have developed a mobile COMPUTING LAB which runs on SOLAR power. Our Solar power solutions can run Servers, Networks, Wireless device and various Solar Products. We can implement IT solutions at any place were power is not available and where there are power scarcity, and help to avail uninterruptable power from nature (Sun) solar power. With the help of solar power we can run our IT products 24 hours uninterruptable.
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Security Surveillance Cameras

Vertex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers the markets broadest and most consistent range of Security Surveillance Cameras. Based on open IP standards, network cameras connect to any kind of IP network, including the Internet, and enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. They also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm. A wide portfolio of products for professional IP video surveillance is available with us. Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or to remotely monitor property and facilities, Vertex can meet all your needs. You benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras, several of them with megapixel/HDTV resolution, which come in different forms to fully meet your requirements. CCTV cameras are being installed everywhere for crime prevention and detection. They are now available at quite affordable price, are easy to install, and require low-maintenance. There are many types of technologically advanced CCTV cameras that offer effective surveillance solutions. Depending upon your requirement, you can select one. Some of the CCTV cameras offered by us include :Indoor CameraOutdoor CameraIR Day/Night CameraDome CameraBullet CameraVandal Proof CameraHidden CameraPan Tilt Zoom(PTZ) CameraWall camerasBox CamerasSpy Cameras
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Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard Offered By Us, is Designed for the Faster Calibration Setup, Seamless Multi Touch Integration, and Outstanding Data Interactivity. the Interactive Whiteboard is Based On Cybernetyxs Pioneering Visual Touch Optical Tracking Technology, Which Incorporates Faster Simultaneous Touch Event & Gesture Recognition Capabilities.
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Fingerprint Machine

Vertex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Leading Supplier of Fingerprint Machine. the Fingerprint Machine Offered By Us Employs Sophisticated Technology and Has Been Manufactured Under Expert Supervision. We are Committed Towards Creating Interactive Solutions, Which Provide Highly Dynamical Methods to the Esteemed Clients. the Fingerprint Machine is a Very Reliable Equipment and Effectively Reads and Matches the Fingerprints of a Person.
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Desktop Virtualization Kit

We aim to set new benchmarks in the field of supplying Computer Hardware, Software and allied products. Being one of the most renowned Computer Desktop Virtualization Kit Manufacturers in India, we are consistently marking significant new developments in supplying Desktop Virtualization Kit. Our products are protected with warranty coverage. Besides, offering products at competitive prices to the customers, we also render proper installation of our products in order to guarantee trouble free production.

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WBS-2400 Base Station

We offer quality midrange hardware equipments like Wbs-2400 Base Station and WBS 2400 Wi Fi Base Station.Wbs-2400 Base Station is an advanced Wi Fi base station that enables service providers, communities and enterprises to deliver premium quality service with fewer base stations at reduced costs. Its spatially adaptive technology delivers best performance in terms of output and range. Acclaimed among one of the most trusted Wi Fi Base Station-2400 Suppliers, we offer products that are significantly less costly to install, operate, and maintain. Moreover, through our time bound services, we are efficiently catering to the various needs of our clients.

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Backup Storage Device

Counted among one of the most reliable Portable Backup Storage Device Manufacturers and Suppliers, we deal in an exhaustive range of computer hardware and peripheral components such as Backup Storage Device, Memory Card Backup Storage Device etc. which are used for both commercial as well as domestic applications. Our Backup Storage Devices are portable with large data storage capacity. Being focused heavily into research, our products are innovative and efficient thereby satisfying the need for business continuity. These Backup Storage Devices are highly efficient and have low maintenance cost. Moreover, with our wide distribution network, we assure the timely delivery of consignment at the desirable destination.

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Wireless Connectivity Service

Connectivity is a major player in todays world. People want seamless and hassle free network like mobile communication, internet etc. We provide state of art technology for Wireless Connectivity Service. Point to point connectivity :A dedicated wireless link between two locations in a range of 100k.m. and wired connectivity, which serve as a local network and make work more productive. Multi point-to-point connectivity : Multi point-to-point connectivity is a network made on wireless and wired media, where a central location works as multi point and other clients are at different point. It is a network where a campus or area is connected with links for specific requirement. Hotspot zone :Wi-Fi technology is one of the fastest spreading worldwide. More and more businesses and individuals are setting up Wi-Fi hotspots. We offer complete Wi-Fi solution for small to large sized Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, and Lounges who want to provide secure and reliable high-speed Internet access to their customers on the go. We have range of products of different companies, which are suitable as per requirement of customers.
  • Tranzeo
  • Airlive
  • Wavion
  • Radwin
  • Ruckus
  • Firetide
  • Ubiquity
    • Applications :
      • Business Connectivity
      • Municipalities
      • Rural Connectivity
      • Internet to Schools and Communities
      • Residential Access
      • Building Coverage
      • Public Safety
        • Projects Implemented in various segments :
          • Universities
          • Shop
          • Kakaria Lake
          • Bank
          • Jewelers
          • Temple
          • Education Trust
          • Factory
          • Hospital
          • General store
          • Computer center
          • Exhibition
          • Hostel
          • Colleges
          • Corporate
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Computer IT Products

Information Technology is based on computers and its peripherals, without them, it will not be possible to run IT department in any company. We provide all type of servers, computers, laptops, printers, scanners, peripherals and products related to IT from good companies like Dell, HP, Canon etc. We also provide services for Installation, Maintenance and Up-gradation of all your IT products, as per your need. Ncomputing :We are very delighted to introduce a new product N-Computing in Gujarat, in 2005.It is an ultra low cost computing solution. N-computing is an Award- winning virtual desktop. N-computing solution typically reduce hardware and support costs by 75% and are compatible with standard PC hardware, software and peripherals. N-computing saves both money and the environment with a 90% improvement in energy efficiency compared to PCs and a 98% reduction in waste. Our software, hardware and protocol, all work together for the best possible performance. VOIP Solutions :Voip solution includes VOIP Communication device with integrated Calling services all over the world. There are different type of VOIP plans, and you have lots of option to choose according to your requirement. For customize solution please let us know your requirement, so we can offer you our best services, at all the times.
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Network Security Products

To protect your computer / server from threads Vertex Present solution for it. Licensed Software Antivirus Solutions. Storage Solutions :Our product provides a simple solution to protect, manage and share your critical information. This solution is specifically designed for small-to medium-sized businesses, remote offices or workgroup environments. Our product consists various qualities such as flexibility, simplicity, accessibility, robustness and security . Our products are designed to provide years of trouble-free data protection and system reliability. It is easy to use and affordable for one and all. VPN Fire wall :Todays continuously shifting security environment presents a challenge for small/home office networks with limited IT capabilities. combining robust security features and an integrated VPN client and server, VPN Firewall is a high-performance security solution, designed for enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses.
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Virtualization Software Solutions

The Virtualization Software Solutions offered by VERTEX TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD is in tune with advanced technology. In this computer age, we are facing many constraints because of fast technology. Our commitment is to increase customers value by offering them finest solutions like Desktop Virtualization Software Solutions. Through our Virtualization Management Solutions, we focus on developing innovative and world class solutions to empower our business and identity. Freestor Mini210 :
  • Complete System Backup & Restore
  • Bootable backup via USB
  • Incremental versioning
  • Scheduled backup
  • point-in-Time Recovery
    • The Break Through NComputing Solution Includes Three Key Components : vSpaceTM desktop virtualization software, the UXP communications protocol, and very durable access devices. We combine these three components into a tightly integrated solution for unmatched performance at the lowest possible cost vSpace allows simultaneous access. Most PCs are set up with multiple user accounts. Each user gets their own software, settings, screen colors, and so on. But only one person can use the PC at a time. NComputing changes all that. Our vSpace desktop virtualization software allows all of the accounts to be used at the same time. How vSpace WorksNComputing vSpace divides the computer's resources into independent virtual workspaces that give each user their own rich PC experience. vSpace handles the desktop display and remote activities from the users keyboard and mouse (through the access device). The Best Communications Protocol Available :To get a great remote user experience, you need a great communications protocol. It's the way the screen image (as well as keyboard and mouse data) gets from the shared PC to the access device, and vice versa. NComputing developed its optimized and highly efficient User eXtension Protocol (UXP) for users who demand a rich PC experience. UXP can handle it allincluding multimedia applications such as streaming video and Flash, plus USB. Choose Windows or LinuxNComputing vSpace runs on a variety of Windows operating systems, as well as several varieties of Linux. Virtualization software like this is very powerful, and it can be expensive and out of reach for many customers. Not anymore: vSpace is included in the price of our desktop virtualization kits. Over A Decade of DevelopmentvSpace software has been developed and refined for over 12 years, and gives millions of users affordable access to computing every day.
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Annual Maintenance Contract Services

The Annual Maintenance Contract Services (for all type of Branded Servers, desktops, laptops, thin clients, workstations) is designed for business, for them who want maximum output from Computer Infrastructure and employees. Business has become highly dependent on computers and our services aim to help the clients in case of a mishap. We will :
  • Attend your faulty computer in the shortest possible time.
  • Repair/Replace the defective components (at our cost for comprehensive warranty)
  • Do preventive maintenance of your computer every month
  • Optimize the settings so that they work efficiently
  • Priority Services for customer who have AMC
  • Cost effective charges and quality service deliverables
  • Trained Service professionals - A team of highly energetic professionals
  • During major breakdowns, we can provide standby parts if it is to be repaired through us/ to be replaced through us.
Maintenance contract :
  • Comprehensive - We provide service and repair/replace the defective parts at our cost
  • Service only - We provide service and you pay the repair/replacement cost only
By accepting such agreement you can get more productivity, less expenditure for maintenance and upgardation. For a fixed fee paid, all troubleshooting, problem solving and diagnosis on-site is free.
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Data Center Consulting

We offer superior Data Center Consulting services to the esteemed clients. IT is an important department for any company and we take uttermost care of the clients data. Any organization, growing at a rapid pace, requires a complete data centre for security of data and smooth operations. We provide a complete data center and offer reliable services to the clients.
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Live Streaming Services

We present to our esteemed clients, efficient Live Streaming Services. In India, 3G has been launched, which makes live streaming easier to reach, in urban and rural areas. Internet is a prerequisite to make these services available to the customers. Our company has implemented various projects and has expertise in offering cost effective solutions to provide the services. Owing to the superior Live Streaming Services, videos can be viewed anywhere at any place.
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Remote Server Management

In enterprises that need a secure environment, servers and desktops are usually managed remotely. Administration is hardly performed by logging on to the local console. Remote Server Management or administration is not a new notion, and is used largely to manage servers and desktops. Windows Server 2003 includes a few technologies, which can be used for the administration of remote client computers, and to remotely manage servers. Vigilance is necessary for maintaining the health of the IT environment in any organization. But generally, organizations lack the expertise or necessary resources to do so. If you are focusing your precious time and resources on monitoring the system and resolving server management related problems, you are wasting crucial time and jeopardizing your long-term business prospects. We have been managing servers for their clients for various applications and possess superior infrastructure to provide 24X7 support.
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Remote Surveillance Service

Managed video hosting, or Managed Video as a Service, is part of the Remote Surveillance Service. The video data is also stored securely for a period of time allowing for forensic access and retrieval of video for use as evidence in court. This offers off-site video storage redundancy with the same high standards of security as online banking, with no limits or time-of-use restrictions to access data. Using Vertex services is the easiest and fastest way to get outsourced video surveillance for your surveillance cameras whenever you need it via a broadband Internet connection. As an industry leader and innovator in the field of Intelligent Video Surveillance, Vertex has helped a wide range of businesses in the restaurant, convenience, jewelry and retail industries do a better job of protecting their employees and their profits. The value we can provide extends well beyond safety issues, to operational, merchandizing, productivity, and customer service enhancements. With the help of remote surveillance service, one can watch the images captured by a video camera on the mobile phone. Some of the general applications are monitoring of the work place and operating machinery, supervising employees when you are traveling, watching the children when you are not at home, remote monitoring service of school for distant parents, reservation service of stores for daily customers etc.
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Website Development Services

We are a leading Website Development Services provider in the domain, offering reliable services to the esteemed clients. The detailed description of our services is given below : Professional Web Design :We create unique web sites, which help you reach the goals that you have for creating an online presence business web site and for personal use. E-Commerce Websites :We provide you with a store that has a web based admin panel, which allows you to easily maintain the store. You can add products, delete products, change prices, run your own affiliate program and much more. Website Maintenance :If you choose to let us maintain your website for you, all it takes is a simple e-mail exchange and your web site can be updated within a matter of hours. Website Redesigns :For an inexpensive price you can give your website a whole new look. We can take your existing website text and insert in into a professional custom-made website design.
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Customized Software Solutions

We are a renowned service provider for Customized Software Solutions. The Customized Software Solutions have been highly appreciated by the esteemed clients and a detailed description is given below : Vidyalaya, School Management Software :
  • Major Features :
    • Student Management
    • Fees Management
    • Timetable Management
    • Syllabus Management
    • Transport Management
    • Hostel Management
    • Mess Management
    • Library Management
    • Purchase Management
    • Inventory
    • Management
    • Accounts
    • RFID Card based Attendance Management for Student, Teachers and other Staff Members.
    • Biometrics (Finger Print Recognition) based Attendance Management for Student, Teachers and other Staff Members.
    • I-CARD Generation Module
    • Results and Student Progress on Internet
Production ERP Software :
  • Major Features :
    • Purchase Management
    • Sales Management
    • Customer Relation Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Accounts
    • Issue / Store Management
    • Production Management
    • BOM Module
Samay Attendance system :
  • Major Features :
    • Time Keeping
    • RFID Card based Attendance Management
    • Biometrics (Finger Print Recognition) based
    • Attendance Management
    • I-CARD Generator
    • Salary Calculation
    • Salary Slip Generation
    • Salary Certificate Generation
    • Cut Off Pay Rules
    • Holiday / Leave Master
    • Leave Rules
    • Short Leave
    • Leave / Holiday Allocation
    • Leave / Holiday
    • Transaction
    • Overtime Calculation
E-Panchayat :
  • Major Features :
    • Tax Management & Calculation
    • Birth & Death Record Management
    • Birth & Death Certificates
    • Complaint Register
    • Electoral List
    • Property Management
    • Online Receipts
    • Tax Receipts
    • Water, Drainage, Street Lighting,
    • Other Taxes
    • Minutes Book
    • Online Ledgers
    • Household information system
Shopkeeper :
  • Major Features :
    • Purchase Management
    • Sales Management
    • Customer Relation Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Accounts
    • Web base management software
    • E-Commerce Solutions
    • Hospital Management System
    • Banking Liquidation Process System
    • Customized Software Solutions
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